Melting The Beast

Naya Risu is a new student at Konoha High School.


4. Hanging out with the Sabaku boys

I was excited for tonight with Kankuro and Gaara. Although I was a little scared of what Gaara would think about tonight's plans. I walked out into the parking lot to find Gaara or Kankuro's car. But when I got out there I found them standing next to two motorcycles. Gaara standing near the black one and Kankuro near the red one. I frowned and walked over to the two boys. Kankuro was the one who spoke. "Ok, Naya. Are you ready to go?" I looked at him like he was insane. "I am not riding on one of those!" I said pointing to the motorcycles that were behind the boys. Kankuro laughed, but Gaara just stood there with a stern look on his face. "you are going to have to ride on Gaara's because his is the only one with enough room for a passenger." I stared at Kankuro wide-eyed. "I still don't want to ride on it." Gaara finally spoke. "Just put on the helmet and get on. I will drive as slow as possible without getting trouble with the police." I hesitated for a second and then got the back of the bike. I grabbed the seat to hold onto. Gaara sighed and grabbed my right hand and put it around his waist. He did the same with the other hand. I felt my face go red. Kankuro laughed again. "I guess we can go now." I realized I didn't know where we were going. I turned to Kankuro. "Where are we going?" It was Gaara who answered. "We are going to Frankie's Fun Park. Temari told us that your birthday was tomorrow." I was surprised by his response. 'When did Temari tell them that.' Gaara started the engine and we left the parking lot. He kept his promise, driving as slow as he could. We soon arrived at Frankie's. I almost didn't want to get off the bike or let go of Gaara. I did though. I didn't want to ruin his good mood. Kankuro got off of his bike. It felt weird walking into a fun park with boys that look like this:


So Decided to bring a change of clothes. I turned to Kankuro. "I need to use the bathroom." He nodded. "Meet us at the register." I nodded and walked off to the bathroom. I got changed quickly. I walked out towards the boys looking like this:


As I approached I noticed a kinda shocked look on both of the boy's faces. Kankuro just kept staring at me until Gaara hit him upside the head. "Dude, stop your creeping her out." I was surprised by this remark. I didn't think Gaara cared. Gaara then turned to look at me. His eyes lock on mine. It was then that I noticed the very pretty greenish-blue color of his eyes. He spoke. "You look great." I blushed. Kankuro looked at Gaara, his mouth wide open. "Dude, since when did you compliment people." Gaara looked at Kankuro. "I am trying to be nice like Temari said." Kankuro whispered something like 'sure'. Gaara turned back to me. "So, I have our cards right here. What do you want to do first?" I turned to face him. "I want to try their new movie theater first." Gaara smiled. "What movie do you want to see?" I looked at the options. "How about the horror film?" Gaara nodded. Kankuro stared at the two of us for a minute then spoke. "You two go ahead without me. I will come see it later. I want some food first." I looked at him with a fearful face. Kankuro gave me a reassuring look. "Don't worry Gaara won't bite. He won't hurt you either. I will come in to see it later, so it's not like you two will be alone the entire movie." I just nodded. he walked off to find food. I turned back to Gaara. "Shall we go." Gaara nodded.


We got some popcorn and two drinks. We walked into the theater and found a seat somewhere near the middle. The previews played for about 10 minutes before the movie started. The starting scene was a little weird. It started in a very cheery house full of girls. Then it got pretty violent pretty quickly. I got so scared that without even thinking I grabbed Gaara's arm. It made him jump. He leaned forward to look at me. "Are you ok?" He whispered the question so softly I didn't think it was him. I couldn't speak, so I just shook my head and continued to stare at the screen. I felt someone touch my hand. I turned to see that Gaara's hand was holding mine. I didn't want to make Gaara mad so I just left our hands like that and turned back to the screen. I noticed how soft and warm his hands were. I felt comfortable with Gaara holding my hand. Right at that moment Kankuro walked in and sat down next to Gaara. He looked us up and down before stopping to stare at our hands. He didn't say anything, but instead turned and watched the rest of the movie.


When the movie was over we got up and left the theater, Gaara still holding my hand. Once we were back in the gaming area, Kankuro said something. "What's up with that?" He asked, pointing to our hands, which were still intertwined. I blushed. Gaara released my hand at that moment turning to face Kankuro. "Nothing." Gaara said, rubbing his arm nervously. Kankuro rolled his eyes but said nothing. I spoke up. "So what should we do now?" At that moment I heard Gaara's stomach growl. Kankuro laughed. "I think you two need to go eat before we do anything else." My stomach growled just then. I was embarrassed. Gaara laughed. "I guess we do need to go get something to eat." He turned to me. "Let's go to Johnny Rockets." I nodded and followed him. We got to the restaurant and sat down. I had thought that Kankuro was coming with us, but he stayed where he was while we went to eat. Gaara handed me a menu. "Order whatever you want. My treat." Again, this surprised me. I looked over the menu and decided that I wanted a plain cheeseburger and a vanilla milkshake. The server came up to the table and asked us what we wanted. Gaara let me order first. "I would like a plain cheeseburger and a vanilla milkshake." The server wrote it down on his notepad before turning to Gaara. "I just want a burger and a coke." The server wrote that down as well and then walked away to put the order in. Gaara turned to me. "So what do you normally do for your birthday?" I was still not sure why the person who wanted to kill me yesterday was being so nice today. "I have never done anything for my birthday. I was never able to." He looked at me confused. "Why were you never able to celebrate?" I looked at him. His blue-green eyes had a sad look in them. "I never had anyone to celebrate with. Plus when I was little I was abused by my parents. I ran away from home. I changed my name. I moved away. I hid for three years. Then I got a phone and social media and I met Sasuke. Sasuke is the one who helped me transfer over to Konoha High." I looked up after I had finished telling him everything. The look on his face was something of mixed sadness, horror, and anger. "Are you ok?" I asked hesitantly. He looked me in the eyes. "Wow." Gaara was reaching across the table when the server brought us our food. "Here you are. Enjoy." The server walked away. I started eating my cheeseburger. We were silent for about ten minutes before someone interrupted it. "Hey guys. I didn't know that you were here too." I turned around to see Naruto walking towards us. "Oh, hey Naruto. I didn't know that you were here either. Who all is with you?" He came to a stop at our table. "Well let's see. There is Ino, Hinata, Sakura, Kiba, Shino, and Choji. Is there anyone else with you besides Gaara." Out of nowhere, I hear Kankuro. "Yes. I am here with them." Kankuro walked right up to the table and stood next to Naruto. "Hello you two. I hope you are enjoying your meal together." I looked at him with a not so happy face and he just smiled evilly. Gaara turned to his brother and gave him an evil glare. I laughed at this and then stopped quickly thinking better of laughing at something that Gaara did, only cause I didn't want to make him mad. But when I looked at Gaara's face again I noticed that he smiling. It wasn't a fake smile either, it was a genuine smile. Naruto watched us for a minute. "Ok then. I am not sure what that was about, but I am glad to see that you and Gaara are getting along, Naya." I looked up at Naruto. "That was Kankuro referring to something that happened earlier. And before you ask what happened no one is going to tell you." I gave Kankuro a stern look. He laughed. "I am not sure who to be more afraid of you or Gaara." I laughed and to my surprise, so did Gaara. Naruto joined in. After a while, the laughing stopped and it went quiet for a second before Ino, Sakura, Kiba, Shino, Hinata, and Choji walked over to mine and Gaara's table. Ino looked at me. "Hey, why don't we all hang out together?" Everyone, including Gaara, agreed to this. So after everyone finished their food and got their fun cards, we all went out into the gaming area to play games. After like 5 hours it was closing time so we all went our seperate ways. I walked out of Frankie's with Gaara and Kankuro. I was no longer afraid of Gaara. We got out to where they had parked their bikes. This time I did not hesitate to get on the bike, although I still hesitated to put my arms around Gaara waist. Once again Gaara grabbed my hands and put them around his waist, except he did it gently this time. Soon we were off to their house. I was looking forward to staying somewhere other than Sasuke's house for once.

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