Dreams , Spirits, and How To Save The World - A Naruto Fanfiction

When her village is burned to ground by the same strange men in black and red cloaks who murder her parents, a girl is sent by her brother to find the rumored ninja’s who reside in a hidden village, for they are the only ones who can save her village and all the others who came before it. Meanwhile, Uzumaki Naruto (17) and his teammates, Haruno Sakura (17) and Uchiha Sasuke (17), are confused and curious about Naruto’s dream about a strange girl who smells of fire, smoke, and fear. Are Naruto and this girl somehow connected? If so, can the Village Hidden In The Leaves, save the villages lost and the ones who are doomed to be lost before it is too late?


Author's note

This is my first official fic, like, ever, so be sure to give me any and all feedback. I wanna make this as good as possible!
And I'm not gonna be the guy that stops writing in the middle of a story. I'm here to the end.




The young woman woke up surrounded by fire and chaos.

    Swords clashed nearby in a violent battle in the shadow of the mountains. The sharp cries of the dying sliced through the cool morning breeze. She could smell the acrid scents of both fear and hate from those who fought for their lives. Scared, she looked out her bedroom window.

    Chaos had swiftly descended upon the village. Horrified screams of fear and pain pierced the air—screams of the dying. Scores of men in red and black cloaks astride horses galloped through the streets, holding torches that they used ruthlessly to set each building and home ablaze. Townspeople ran from their burning homes, trying to escape a fiery death. The sharp swords in other mens’ hands fell upon many, slicing through flesh and bone.

“Daichi!” she cried, getting up and running from her room, only to collide with her older brother in the hallway. “They’re killing everyone!”

“I know,” Daichi said darkly. He took her by the arms, staring fiercely into her eyes. “Little sister. You need to go. You need to run far away from here.”

The fire heated the air, turning dusk to nightmarish daylight all around her. “What are you talking about? I can’t go!”


“I need to find Mother!” She shoved away from Daichi and raced down the smoky hallway to the living room, which was already engulfed in flame.

Her mother’s body lay halfway across the threshold. Her father’s body was only ten paces away, lying in a pool of blood.

Before she could fully register the horror, Daichi caught up. He grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder, running beyond the village limits before dropping her clumsily to the ground. He tossed her a bow and a handful of arrows, along with the two daggers in leather sheaths that had been attached to his hips.

“They’re dead,” she whispered. Her heart felt like a stone that had dropped into her stomach.

“I was watching and listening as I ran. Those men are gathering any survivors up and putting them to death on the spot.” His voice broke. “ I must go back and help the others. Go—find the ninja’s. Do what you can to stop this from happening anywhere else. Do you understand me?”

She shook her head, her eyes burning from the smoke and form hateful tears. “No, I won’t leave you! You’re all I have left!”

Daichi took her chine sharply in his hand. “Follow me,” he growled, “and I’ll put an arrow through your heart myself to save you from whatever fate now lies before our friends and neighbors.”

It was the last thing he said before he turned and ran back to the village.

And all she could do was watch him go.

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