Dreams , Spirits, and How To Save The World - A Naruto Fanfiction

When her village is burned to ground by the same strange men in black and red cloaks who murder her parents, a girl is sent by her brother to find the rumored ninja’s who reside in a hidden village, for they are the only ones who can save her village and all the others who came before it. Meanwhile, Uzumaki Naruto (17) and his teammates, Haruno Sakura (17) and Uchiha Sasuke (17), are confused and curious about Naruto’s dream about a strange girl who smells of fire, smoke, and fear. Are Naruto and this girl somehow connected? If so, can the Village Hidden In The Leaves, save the villages lost and the ones who are doomed to be lost before it is too late?


Author's note

This is my first official fic, like, ever, so be sure to give me any and all feedback. I wanna make this as good as possible!
And I'm not gonna be the guy that stops writing in the middle of a story. I'm here to the end.

2. A/N

Hey, Any and All Readers!

I'd prefer not to give out myyo name, so I'll just say, my name is LookingBehindMe. Right now, I'm just a nobody with a laptop and a coffee machine 20 feet away, but someday I'm gonna make it big! 

I'm looking forward to any and all feedback I can get from you, and I should also put it out there that I am currently in need of a Beta... so hit me up!

FInd me on archiveofourown.org under the name LookingBehindMe.



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