I Shall Be Queen

Jessica Frost has turned into an immortal villian, and her adventures are slowly goring dangerously intense.


Author's note

I accidentally deleted the last one so here's the sequel again.

8. Villain War

    She roamed the halls like a ghost, trying to remember every corner and hallway, every room and chamber.  

Jack heard footsteps around, and knew that Jessica was wandering around. He let her. She most likely wanted to look around. After all, she’d been locked in. It wasn’t like when she had been in there willingly.

Jessica went outside. It had stopped raining and the sun was out. A guard put shackles on her wrists. Everyone knew about the restrictions on Jessica, including the guards. Each of the guards defending the palace had a length of chain in their hand. She knew the Warriors of Hell were already planning to get her out of her restrictions.

Meanwhile, the Warriors of Hell in Villain Alley had heard of Jessica’s new restrictions. They were thinking of a plan to get Jessica to come towards Villain Alley so that they could break her free of her shackles. Jack had told the guards not to fall for anything the Warriors of Hell said. The guards did not know all of their tricks, and they never would.

No one led the pack now. The truth was, Jessica HAD intimidated them, but she didn’t intimidate them enough to not appoint a new leader. They simply didn’t want to appoint a new leader. They thought Jessica to be enough, to be the one leader that had let them have as much fun as they wanted, without letting them go overboard. The Warriors of Hell had been a group since 1830. The other leaders had let them go overboard, resulting in the Massacre of ‘38. They had lost about 12 villains that night, and the kingdom lost about 32 civilians.The Warriors of Hell had been locked up, and then escaped the dungeon to live in the alley they name Villain Alley, where they had been ever since. The tale was told and taught in school. The Warriors of Hell were made out to be villainous, when they in fact were simply misunderstood.

Jessica walked around the kingdom like a ghost, roaming around. She never went into any building. The guards followed her around with bored expressions on their faces. The crown princess was psychotic. After losing touch with reality, she began to forget what it was like in the village part of the kingdom. She looked as though she had never seen it before.

Then a girl came up to her and said, “Don’t think we don’t know that you were a villain. You’re a psychopath, and we know that Carrie is a psycho, too. After all, she is Margaret’s daughter, a religious zealot.”

A surge of anger flooded through her at the mention of Carrie, and she began trying to break the chains to get to the girl. The guards grabbed her hand and stilled them. Jessica began shaking, and everyone was staring at her, slowly backing away, remembering the Massacre of ‘38, since it started with a Villain leader getting angry. Jessica looked at everyone with eyes that sent out a warning message. One of the guards called, “Get the king! Now!”

Jessica’s shaking slowly grew into a seizure-like shake, frightening everyone around her. Her face was angry. The guards couldn’t control her.

A couple minutes later Jack was running towards her. Everyone bowed as Jack came running. He took her into his arms and whispered, “Jess, Jess, calm down alright? It’s me, Jess. You’re alright. Just calm down.”

Jessica kept on fighting him, trying to get out of his grip. But Jack was stronger than Jessica was and held her tight.

“Jessica, calm down,” he said.

Slowly she stopped fighting and was calm.

He slowly let go of her and said to the guards, “What happened?”

“A girl, Your Majesty. She began insulting the princess. After that, the princess began shaking.”

Jack then said, “Where’s this girl?”

A guard gestured to her. “This is her, Your Majesty.”

Jack glared at her and said, “What’s your name?”

“Agatha,” she replied.

“Agatha, this is your only warning. Jessica’s mentally unstable, and right now she needs time. So I would suggest that you don’t get her so worked up again. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, your Majesty,” Agatha said.

He then turned to the guard. “Bring Jess back to the palace. I want her to stay inside the rest of the day. Make sure nothing else riles her up,” he ordered as he walked away.

The guards did just that. They kept her chained. Jessica ran up and walked behind him. He looked back at her and motioned to his side. She went up to him and walked beside him.

“I know it’s not following the order of precedence rules, but I want you to walk beside me whenever we’re walking together. Unless you want to walk behind me, then walk three steps behind, all right?” he told her.

She said nothing, but she nodded.

He went inside the palace, Jessica following behind. He turned around and said, “I want you to stay inside the rest of the day. I know you don’t understand what’s going on, given your lost touch with reality. But I want you to try to keep your temper under control, okay?” he asked her.

She nodded.

“I’ll be in my office if you need me.”

Jessica nodded again.

He then walked down the hall and disappeared into his office.

Then Jessica walked down and around the halls the rest of the evening. She refused to eat, not giving a reason why. Jack knew she’d be hungry later on, so when she wasn’t in the room, he left some chocolate on her bedside table. Then he quietly left her room and searched for her.

He found her in the library, staring out the window. He went to her side and without looking at her, said, “How are you doing, Jess?”

She replied, “Fine.” Her voice was fading.

“Jess, you’re going to have to talk more, so that your voice isn’t fading. I want you to be strong, not weak, because that’s not who you are. I want you to be the strongest crown princess that Arendelle has ever seen.”

“How can I possibly be strong if I’m THIS?” she asked weakly, gesturing to her body. Her body, instead of being normal and healthy, was pale and thin.

Jack said, “Jess, you can be strong even if your body isn’t.”

“Don’t you get it?” Jessica’s voice grated against her throat and echoed through the room. “I’m weak, and I’m growing weaker each moment. I can’t do the things I used to.” She shook her head. “17 years old and I’m weaker than anything.”

“Jess, you may be weak physically and mentally. But when I say that I want you to be the strongest crown princess Arendelle has ever seen, I mean I want you to be the strongest spiritually and mentally, not physically. Although being physically powerful isn’t bad, either.”  

She had nothing to say, so she stared at him.

“Jess,” he said, bringing up a knife and running his fingers against the blade. “Tonight, we’re going to have to go to war. I hate to say it, but we’ll need the Warriors of Hell.”

“Who are we up against?” Jessica asked.

“We’re up against King Gabriel.” He was still staring straight ahead, his hands behind his back.

King Gabriel was a pest of Arendelle. He’d kidnapped and chained Jessica, and when Jack came to save her, he’d chained Jack as well. But when the two escaped, they were caught and put into cells. The two got out, but on the day of Jessica’s wedding, Gabriel tried to marry Jessica to Edward when she was set to marry Prince Louis of Vemark.

“I thought he was put in the dungeon.”

“He was. While you were a villain, he escaped.”


“Jessica, I hate to put this on you,” he said, “but we’re going to need you to fight as well.”

Jessica looked into his eyes, shocked. His eyes were full of sorrow.

“Jess, I’m sorry. I-I want you to stay safe. But you ARE the leader of the Warriors of Hell. We need you to fight with us, and we need the Warriors of Hell as well.”

“What brought up this needing the Warriors of Hell all of a sudden?” Jessica asked. “After all, you hate them with all your heart.”

“Jess, just because it SEEMS that I hate them with all my heart doesn’t mean I do. We need them, Jess.” He looked at her.

“What do you want me to do? I can’t go near them because of you.”

“This one time, I’m permitting you to go near the gates.”

Jessica smiled and whispered, “Thank you, Daddy.”

He smiled back at her. “Now run and get them,” he ordered. “Tonight, we shall fight within the streets of Arendelle.”

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