Zayn falls in love with a girl named Julia but he knows she goes out with Liam (his half brother).


2. Act 1,Scene 2

Zayn wakes up to do his morning things and heads to school.

Niall: Hey buddy how are you? (you could still see the pain in his eyes, he misses Skylar as much as the rest of us do.) 

Zayn: I'm fine Niall...h-how are you? 

Niall (in a sad tone): Fine...just fine

Liam enters. 

Liam: Sup bro, I missed you, sad though  we got separated in the whole foster care thing. Love you bro see ya around. (Zayn & Liam hug and Liam exits).


Niall: Z, he didn't even ask how yo-

Zayn: Niall, I think he's in the bathroom crying, let's see what's up with him. (They walk to the bathroom and find Liam in tears on the bathroom floor.) Zayn not knowing what to say choked up. 


Niall: Liam, dude what's wrong? (Liam looks at the boys with tears in his eyes and with a sound of regret he finally gets the words out.)

Liam: I just miss Z&Sky so much you know? he's my brother and Sky was my sister (talking to Zayn) I can't even see you on the regular like I used to....and Sky...she's dead...WHY IS LIFE SO DAMN CRUEL!?  (Zayn hugged him and let Niall deal with this). 

The bell rang.

Zayn walked slowly to his class wasting time and thinking about how things like school don't really matter to him anymore. he eventually got to class 20 minutes late with no pass. 

Mr.James: Why are you late? 

Zayn: Because I do whatever I damn well please Jacob fuck off. 

Mr.James: Go to the office immediately.

Zayn went back to see if Niall or Liam were still in the restroom.  "

Zayn: Liam, You in here bro? (Zayn paused for a moment to see if he'd respond. He wasn't there so left.)

He headed for the office and sat down in a chair. 

Principal: Ahh Mr.Malik, I've been expecting you.

Zayn: Listen sir, i'll apologize to Mr.James no big deal&everything will be fine I promise. 

Principal: Well...alright son,head back to class (Zayn exits the office and goes to class)

Zayn walked to class with a smile on his face and took his seat.

Mr.James: Nice of you to join us Zayn what’s the answer to number 4?

Zayn looking at the board: It’s six million sir. Mr.James smiles and gives Zayn a thumbs up.

The class is over and it’s time for study hall.

Liam: Hey bro....everything okay?

Zayn smiling: Yes I am.

Liam: Good.

Julia sat next to me and Liam and started grinning.

Julia:Hey Zayn,Hey Liam.

Zayn&Liam:Hello Julia.

Julia looks Zayn up and down and bites her lip.

Zayn:Soooo...uh Liam are you feeling any better?

Liam tries to fake a smile but failed.

Liam: Um...yes I’m feeling great bro.

45 minuets later the bell rings and everyone exists.

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