My Name Is Love

If you're here, the present...

What do you think of the past? You have any mistakes you've ever made and regret it? I guess we all do. If not, You're dead. For real, everyone have that mistakes.

Tanner a young boy did. Yes he was a boy. Not until he got turned into a Cupid. But why??

He got to find other people's love partner until the time runs out! If he's late, he'll be a Cupid for life.

Update EVERY Tuesday

Forever and Ever..


Author's note

I read a book of Anne than someone got an idea!! Like Magical!!

2. Big Sucker

We brought the nerd guy to a school lake. We all stood near the fence so we aren't able to fall.

"If you want to join our group" I said. "You've to show us your bravery" I smirk. I looked at the other boys.

Since I'm the leader, I can only speak. "Under this lake, there's a turtle" He said pointing down. 


The nerd than look down at the lake. There's no turtle at all. He didn't see any turtle.


"Catch it for is, we'll let you in" I exclaim.

"Eh, is that okay!" One of my friend question. "He'll drown" he sound frighten.


I look at my friend "He doesn't dare to do it" I laugh. This cause my friend to laugh also. I think that nerd really wanted to be in the group to the point that he randomly jumped inside the lake without telling us.

As he jump, the huge splash distracted all the people who's working on the bench. They all stood up and see that nerd guy catching the turtle.


The nerd went under and over. Until we tell him comes to shore. "Eh look! Let's go" my friend said. We all followed to him to get to that nerd guy.


That nerd guy came out of the lake. He had seaweed on his hair. All his clothes was wet. 

His new disgusting look attracted other people to look and laugh at him. I meant, he is already ugly. 

And of course a Turtle came along with him. He was hugging it, proving his bravery of course. 


We got there, we were all speechless. 


The boy head over the turtle "Here You go"


We all look at his crouch, it's so visible that there's a fish sucking his pants!!

The fish wasn't dead. It was still moving!

The whole school laugh. One laughed so hard to the point that they fell to the ground.


I than said "Sucker" as I was still looking at the fish.


"Now, can u join I join your group?" He asked.


I shook my head. "No, you can't"

We all laugh and keeps calling him "Sucker" and "Big Sucker"


We all walked away leaving him there embarrassed. 


We all walked home. 

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