My Name Is Love

If you're here, the present...

What do you think of the past? You have any mistakes you've ever made and regret it? I guess we all do. If not, You're dead. For real, everyone have that mistakes.

Tanner a young boy did. Yes he was a boy. Not until he got turned into a Cupid. But why??

He got to find other people's love partner until the time runs out! If he's late, he'll be a Cupid for life.

Update EVERY Tuesday

Forever and Ever..


Author's note

I read a book of Anne than someone got an idea!! Like Magical!!

1. 1.


My name is Tanner. 


Me and my Bros are really popular in school. Basically, all the people in the school loves us. I have so much fame. 


Why were we so popular? Well, you see.... We're the school band. We play all sort of music and all. No one can compare to us.


They had a party at our school. My Bros and I was going to play a song with our instrument. The whole school cheer for us, they even put sticker of stars and heart in our shirt...


I love the fame..




Can you remember all the memories of you as a child? Have you ever been sad? If yes, You're absolutely the same as us.


I turned around and say this guy eating an sausages with a fork. 


Unlike me, my problem is totally different..


The fan girls rush into our face giving us their presence.


I don't know who I should choose from among them.


We all gladly pick and grabbed out present. We all didn't open them though. 


We started our music, softly at first. I played my guitar. 


My student life, no matter what I did, where I am, I always be concerned.


Although, our band are really popular at school. I can say that I was the most popular boy in my school at THAT time. 

About love, it was very easy. Because it was always around me.


Our band was done with our song. We all stood up and the audience capped happily. They were cheering, yelling and hold up signs.

My band and I just bow down.


Love always comes to me. Very easy to find love. Except for this boy....

He came to the stage and talk to me.

"Tanner, my name is Joel" he said straight up. "I really adore you, can you let me in your group?" He asked. He smile. We all look at each other. 

"Even if you let me be your supporter" he smile. "I'll agree"


So Joel is telling me.. that I'll accept a nerd into our group. Of course not!

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