my future

okay, so admitally this isn't a story its a speech but I still think its worth a read


1. my future

My words, my future

It was once said that everybody is smart, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree it will spend it whole life thinking it stupid.  This is a principle that is more relevant in the u.k now more than ever. As I’m sure you all know this year all of the GCSEs have changed making them all mainly exam based and also a lot harder. Today I ask the question why, stay with me here












This graph shows averages of a couple of years grades, as you can see the c rate was just over 25%. The fail rate is around 20% of the u.k, which doesn’t sound a lot until you add more numbers to the mix. 1,534,192, that’s the amount of 15-16 year olds there was in 2016, doing some simple maths tells me that 20% of that would be 306,839 children. 307,000 children walking around the streets with no technical qualifications, even though these children could be genius in their own ways, because they aren’t smart in the exact way they need to be, they fail. Which brings me on nicely to my next point of what actually are the exams, well I fell I have done enough to tell you that the exams are nothing but memory tests. You could be a amazing chef with the ability to please Mr Gordon Ramsey but because you couldn’t remember the chemical formula of hexane or why grass is green you can’t find a job, it stupid. And worse of all we don’t get a voice, because “we are only children, we don’t know what we are talking about” well guess what we are the ones doing the exams, we are the ones who are crying, breaking down, having dark thoughts because we don’t think we are good enough . We are the fish in the bowl. And we feel not good enough. Do today I ask what can we do about it, how can we make our children smarter, better, happier and doing what they want to do, well at this moment we can’t, but we can stand up for ourselves and hopefully make our children happy. Lady’s and gentlemen, this is standing up for ourselves. I ask are you with me?  



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