What If

so this is my original story from wattpad, but i decided to post it here too

Were Ashton's family lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere and Luke's family from Sydney comes to visit after many years.

Luke and Ashton know Nothing about each other and really didn't except what they got. What will happen when the secrets are spilled?


12. E L E V E N

Dinner time came along again and Luke was seated between Ashton and Lauren witch was fine, but he didn't really enjoy the big dinner, Ashton was talking enthusiastic with his brothers and getting to know them, Lauren and Harry was talking about witch band was better One direction or Fall Out Boy. His mom and dad was talking with Anne, and he was sat silently listening to the different conversations and picking at his food. 

Luke considered trying to get Ashton's attention but that would be rude, since he was conversing with some else. 

After a while Ashton noticed Luke's silent behavior, he knew Luke wasn't a big fan of large dinners, since a lot of people would be watching him. So he put his hand on Luke's knee and squeezed it reassuringly. 

The action made Luke grin like a five year old, he took Ashton's hand in his and started eating a little of his salat witch made Ashton smile.

"Why are you so smily all of a sudden?" Ben asked his little brother in front of him "You are always so depressed at dinner" Jack snickered a little 

"Rude" Luke said and let go of Ashton's hand, put his fork on the plate, and crossed his arms over his chest.

Ashton just stared at them like saying 'really' he couldn't even defend himself on a daily basis how was he ever gonna be able to defend Luke. He could have asked Luke why he was happy in a nicer way, he just came off as a jerk saying it like that. 

"Ya know, if Ashton had the ability and courage, he would have ripped ya heads off" Lauren snickered at her own comment like she was the funniest in the world.

"Lauren shut your eating hole will ya?" Ashton groaned, he didn't want to get on the bad side of Luke's brothers. 

Luke wasn't gonna deal with this so he hurriedly said "Thank you for the lovely dinner Anne, it tasted lovely" he kinda lied, he didn't even taste it all but Anne nodded at him, and he stood up the leave before anyone could stop him and lecture him about the rules. 

He was up the stairs in no time and considered going left for the bathroom to empty his stomach, but that would make him feel bad and make everyone worried, so he went right into Ashton's room and jumped on his bed, cuddling on Ashton's pillows that smelled of him.


When Luke woke up again, Ashton face was close to his and his hands was going through the blonds hair "They wanna watch a movie all of us together, I dipsed the love seat for us" Ashton whispered and kissed his nose. 

Luke didn't wanna get up so he threw his body on top of Ashton to keep him down "Can't they watch it themselves and we can sleep here?" Luke groaned 

"you know my moms rules movie night come one, you can always 'fall asleep' down there" Ashton said and attempted to push the boy off of him. 

"You are a weak boy" Luke laughed down at him.

"Im not weak, i lift hay all the time, you are just clinging onto me so its impossible" 

"Nah you are weak" 

"No I'm not, my strength is just somewhere else" Ashton winked at him "Lets just get downstairs before they send Lauren to spy" 


Downstairs everyone was waiting for them, ready to press play on a movie Ashton didn't know what was.

"What took so long?"  Lauren raised her eyebrow at them

"Luke was stubborn" Ashton shrugged 

Luke ignored all the looks he got, they probably thought they were making out, but he knew they weren't so it didn't bother him. He laid down as much as he could on the love seat and patted his stomach for Ashton to lay on top of him. 

Ashton was fast and laid himself half on top of Luke with his head on his chest. They sighed contently at the same time, received gag noises from Harry, Lauren, Ben and Jack and aw's from the parents. 

"Let's just start the movie" Luke groaned and put his arms around Ashton back, his one hand going up and down the older boys back.


In the middle of the movie Anne paused it and looked around "we didn't even plan were the boys want to sleep" she said and looked at Ben and Jack "either 2 mattresses on Ashton's floor since Luke doesn't uses his it's only one, or harry will sleep in my room and you can be there" The boys looked at each other like they were having a conversation with the eyes. 

"If you choose one and that is a problem you can always switch" Anne said to make the Luke feel better about their choice.

"I think we will take Harrys room, cause I don't wanna look at that 24/7" Jack said and pointed towards the two boys cuddling on the love seat, they weren't really paying attention to anything than each other. 

"But if we chose Ashton's room we could annoy them" Ben said witch got both the boys attention. 

"Can't you just take Harry's and leave Ashton and I alone" Luke grumbled, tired of Ben's ideas, Jack had always been the better brother to him, he helped him when he was sick when Ben wasn't home so much, and didn't really care. 

"I agree with Luke, please don't pick my room" Ashton chimed in with

"Yeah we will take harry's room, sorry bud" Jack said and ruffled Harry's hair.

"You are no fun Jack" Ben grumbled and sank down on the couch.


"What do you want for Christmas?" Ashton asked the younger boy later that night when they had all went to bed. 

"A blowjob" Luke tried to say in a serious tone but failed and started laughing.

"Im serious Luke, we are going Christmas shopping tomorrow" Ashton laughed.

"I am serious, I don't wan't you to spend money on me" Luke laughed at the first part but turned serious 

"Fine, I'm just gonna guess then" Ashton said  

"I already know what I'm giving you, its nothing big so don't go big on me" Luke said and snuggled closer to Ashton.

"Im gonna love it no matter what" Ashton mumbled and placed his lips on Luke's who was fast to start kissing back.

Luke decided he was gonna dominate Ashton this time, so he pulled himself on top of Ashton without disconnecting their lips.

Licking Ashton's bottom lip and asking for entrance to deepen the kiss.

 Ashton immediately gets the hint and opens his mouth, their tongues fighting for dominance but Ashton a being lazy and tired bitch, lets Luke dominate him. 

Luke detaches his lips to let them catch their breath, he starts kissing down Ashton's neck, while pulling at the hem of his shirt. Ashton gets the hint and takes it off, placing his hands in Luke's hair and starts tucking at the ends of it. 

Ashton can feel Luke sucking hickeys on his neck, he knows everyone will see them the next day.

A moan escaped the older boys lips as Luke found his sweet spot 

"Luke we better stop, our families are sleeping in all the rooms around u..." he got interrupted but a groan in his throat when Luke teasingly bit his bruised skin.

"I have heard everyone in my family doing hanky panky at least once so they won't die" Luke laughed a little and kissed Ashton again, missing the warmth of his lips. 

"fine then" Ashton laughed and spun them around so he was on top, kissing him passionately and pulling at Luke's t-shirt mumbling an "off" into the kiss.

The shirt was off fast and thrown to the floor with Ashton's. The kissing got heated and messy but they were definitely enjoying it.

After a while Ashton Pulled away because of the banging on the wall from Harry's room "Will ya be a quiet its 2 AM I'm trying to sleep" Ben yelled throw the thin walls in the house, he was Lucky if he didn't wake up Lauren who had the room next to harry. 

"Is it 2 AM?" Luke asked with a horrified expression, the clock was just midnight not so long ago.

"Yeah it is" Ashton sighed and threw himself beside Luke and stared up at the roof, his unruly, curly and sweaty hair all over his face. 

"I can not Look your brothers in the eyes again, not with these" he pointed to all the Hickeys scattered across his neck "They probably thought we had sex" He groaned and trying to role further away from Luke to cool down, but landed on he floor and groaned even louder.

Luke didn't even help the poor boy up again, he just laughed out loud, not caring that he was probably waking the whole house up, but he was happy, happier than ever.

In the room next door the two older brothers were bickering about what they were doing next door, Ben was sure they had sex and Luke was Laughing at Ashton's dick or something immature. Jack didn't believe that, he knew Luke wouldn't have sex with a house full of people, and he could hear that his laugh was genuinely a happy a laugh, that he hadn't heard in a long time, it was a rare thing. 

"Im just glad he is finally happy" Jack sighed and Ben ignoring his comment


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