The Way of the Samurai

This is a story that I wrote when I was 12 years old. I can't promise you that it's of the best quality but I hope you guys like it.


1. Chapter 1: Oichi's POV

Chapter 1

Oichi's P.O.V.


My brother, Nobunaga Oda, calls to me from his bedchambers. I stop slicing at the dummy with my katana and look up in the direction of my brother's bedchambers.

"Yes, brother?" I say, placing my katana in its holder and walking out of the training room.

"Could you come here for a second? Noh and I want to speak to you about the new recruit that we're going to get today," Nobunaga calls back to me.


I run up the stairs to my brother and sister in law's bedchambers and stand in the doorway of their bedroom, waiting for admittance.

"Come in, Oichi." My brother's deep voice fills my ears as I walk into his room. Beside him on the bed, my sister-in-law, Noh sits next to him.

"Hello, Oichi," Noh says with a small smile.

"Hello, my lady. You needed me?"

"Yes. You know that new army recruit? What's his name?"

"Akira," I supply for Noh.

"Yes, that's the one," Noh smiles again. "You know how we said that he wants you to train him?"

I nod.

"Well, he sent us a letter saying that he wants to train on his own now," Nobunaga explains.

"Oh...Okay. That's fine," I say. 

"Alright. Now that that's taken care of you may go. Liu Bei, Diao Chan, and Zhao Yun are waiting for you outside in the palace courtyard."

My heart stops for a moment at the mention of my boyfriend's name. Zhao Yun and I have been going out for two years and my heart still skips a beat every time someone mentions his name.

As I exit my brother and sister's bedchamber I quicken my pace so I can spend time with Zhao Yun and my best friend, DIao Chan.

Diao Chan and Liu Bei have been engaged for two months now. They have been going out for two years also and they met each other on the same day I met Zhao Yun. As I reach the courtyard I catch a glimpse of Liu Bei and Diao Chan talking quietly to each other. I smile at the sight of them and walk quietly past them and walk in the direction of the place where Zhao Yun and I usually spend tie together.

When I approach the cherry blossom tree I see Zhao Yun sitting in the shade of the tree with his back against the trunk. When he sees me he smiles warmly at me and beckons me toward him.

"Hey, babe," he says when I take a seat beside him.

"Hey," I say.

I lay my head on his shoulder and nuzzle closer to him. I sigh happily as he traces a fingertip down the inside of my arm and strokes my hair with his other hand.

"I love you, Oichi."

"I love you too, Zhao Yun."

Zhao Yun tilts my head up and places his lips on mine. A sigh escapes my lips as his mouth moves against mine. My fingers slide up into his hair and entwine themselves into his hair. Before he pulls away from our kiss he kisses the tip of my nose then pulls away. He has a troubled look on his face when he gazes into my eyes.

"What's wrong?" I ask him.

"You know how Cao Cao and Shinghen Takeda invaded Akasaka last month?" Zhao Yun asks, the troubled look still on his face.

"Yeah. What happened? Is there something wrong?"

"I was talking to your brother last night and he thinks that we may have to go to war with Cao Cao and Shinghen again."

"Have you told Liu Bei and Diao Chan yet?"

"I've told Liu Bei but not Diao Chan. I thought I would leave that to Liu Bei to tell her."

"But their wedding is two weeks away, Zhao Yun. Why would you tell Liu Bei about the probability of war now when they could be thinking about their upcoming wedding?"

"Because, Liu Bei and Diao Chan are part of the war council just like you and I are along with Mei Sanniang, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, and your brother and sister," Zhao Yun replies. "We all have our duties, Oichi."

"You could have told them after their wedding," I say quietly.

"I know...I was just thinking about that." Zhao Yun sighs and looks down at me with a small smile. He says, "At least we realize that their honeymoon will be on the battlefield."

"I think they've realized by now that their honeymoon will be on the battlefield." I look over my shoulder to see Liu Bei and Diao Chan still talking quietly.

They must be talking about what to do about the wedding, I think to myself.

"Do you think they'll still hold the wedding?" I ask.

"Yeah. They'll probably hold it earlier than the original date though," explains Zhao Yun.

I look up into Zhao Yun's dark brown eyes and slide closer to him. He looks down at me and smiles warmly. Zhao Yun pulls me onto his lap. He slides his hands down my arms making me shiver with pleasure from his light touch. He presses his mouth to the nape of my neck and gently brushes his lips down my neck slowly. I sigh and lay my head back on his shoulder.

"You think Diao Chan will still want to go on the double date with us?" Zhao Yun murmurs into my neck.

"I guess we'll find out tonight," I say.

"Or we could ask them."

"They're busy right now." 

I can't think straight when Zhao Yun is this close to me. My head suddenly feels so dizzy right now that I feel like I am about to throw up. 

"You okay, Oichi? You look like you're about to be sick." 

"I'm fine," I mumble.

"Alright. I was just making sure."

I look past my shoulder to see Liu Bei and Diao Chan approaching us. I glance at Diao Chan ti see if there is any hint of disappointment on her face if Liu Bei told her about the probability of war with Cao Cao and Shinghen Takeda. I don't see any anger or disappointment in her expression. I wonder if Liu Bei even told her.

Diao Chan sees me staring at her and she waves me over to her then she leans over and whispers something in Liu Bei's ear then she waves me over again.

I glance back at Zhao Yun and say, "I'm going to see what Diao Chan needs. Tell Liu Bei I said hi."


I slide off of Zhao Yun's lap and stand up, brushing the dirt off my kamishimo. When I reach DIao Chan I glance at her again to see if her expression has changed. 

"Hey, Oichi," she greets me. "Stop looking at me like that. Liu Bei told me about the war that we might have with Cao Cao and Shinghen Takeda. I'm not angry; I'm just worried for Liu Bei's safety."

"What about the wedding?" I ask. "What are you going to do about that?"

"We're still holding it, but on a different day. October fifth instead of the twentieth."

"Have you told my brother yet?"

"Liu Bei and i will after he talks to Zhao Yun."

"Okay. Good. Are we still on for tonight?"

"Yeah, we are."

"Alright. See you later."


As I walk back to the handsome figure of Zhao Yun I feel Diao Chan's stare burning into the back of my neck. Liu Bei walks past me with a curt hello and goes quiet after greeting me curtly.

When I reach Zhao Yun I press my body closer to his and lean against him, wrapping my arms around him. For a few minutes we stand there in silence with our arms wrapped around each other.

"Did Diao Chan say anything about the double date that we're having tonight?" Zhao Yun asks. 

"Yes. They are still going with us," I reply.

"That's good," Zhao Yun murmurs.

Zhao Yun pulls my mouth on his and kisses me slowly. My hands slide up his arms and into his hair. I hear him sigh as my fingers twist into his hair. I pull away slightly and gaze into his eyes. My heartbeat quickens as his lips brush along the nape of my neck making me shiver with pleasure.

As we stand underneath the shade of the cherry blossom tree I think of all the times I've spent with Zhao Yun underneath this tree and how many times we've shared kisses in the privacy of the tree. Then I think back to how Liu Bei had greeted me curtly a few minutes ago and wonder why he had greeted me so curtly.

"What are you thinking about?" Zhao Yun murmurs in my ear.

I look up into Zhao Yun's eyes and see the tension in his eyes. Liu Bei must have said something to make him so tense.

"Nothing much," I reply. "What's wrong? You seem tense."

"Liu Bei told me something that is making me worry. He thinks that Cao Cao is going to invade my hometown, Kawanakaijima."

"What could he possibly want in Kawankaijima? There's nothing there except for old ruins form the Gempei War and your family is in hiding there."

"There are some Europeans that he and Shinghen want to make into slaves. I don't think he knows about my family yet but he will soon if he invades Kawankaijima."

"Didn't we make an alliance with the Europeans?" I ask.

"Yeah but you know how Cao Cao is. He never keeps his promises. If we don't defeat him soon we'll be outnumbered and we won't win the war."

"Why can't we all just get along?!" I exclaim.

"It's the way it has to be, Oichi. I promise when all of this is over you and I will run away from Japan and find somewhere else to live together away from conflict." Zhao Yun promises me.


"Now, come back over here."

I look at the space between us, surprised that I had backed away without realizing I had done so. I walk into his arms again and sigh as his arms enfold around me. At this moment I instantly know I am in the safety of the arms of the man I love.



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