One Way Ticket from Hell

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  • Published: 14 Apr 2018
  • Updated: 17 May 2018
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My live has always been a hell – and, I’m not exaggerating, I don’t have any teenage-crisis. I mean, Hell, literary. I live on the suburbs, you know, a dim and gloomy place called the Valley of Destruction, and my mom is a demon specialised in tempting our dear neighbours from above – from Earth. She’s really good at it – there are many of diplomas and statues for The Demon of the Year and even some for The Demon of Century. She has even a mug with bright red letter saying “A one-way trip to Hell”. But, if it comes to tempting humans, I must say I’m the best prove she’s good.
My name is Abandon – yes, after this Abandon, mum’s a real fan of him – I’m sixteen years old and I’m a half-demon.

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9. The recording

I am almost asleep when the sudden realisation comes my mind.

The camera! How could I forget about the camera?!

I sit up, and I feel cold sweat on my forehead. Deputy Brown took the camera to the police station. And there they will, or already have watch the video. The very video, that should show them the junkie attacking us, but instead recorded me struggling with a ghost and a pair of demons dragging him back to Hell.

Oh my Devil. I really screwed up.

I reach for my hellish phone, and hesitate for a few second before choosing my mom’s number.

Ab? It’s better to be important, I’m working,” her voice is a bit muffled. I hear a loud music playing and people singing. She must be at a club. Clubs are her favourite places to temp mortals – they are easily manipulated when drunk.

“Mom, we were shooting a movie when the ghost attacked us,” I say quickly, knowing I can’t count on her patience. “And the police, they took the camera.”

Ab, seriously? Do you think our agents would let it happen?” I hear her sigh and I’m sure she rolled her eyes. “They checked it, and there was nothing except some film from the human’s birthday party. Nothing to worry about.”

“Thanks Devil,” I breathe with relieve, “Well, have a good night, mom.”

“Make me proud, Abandon.”

I don’t care why the camera didn’t record the whole thing – maybe Peter forgot to turn it on. It’s not important. I’m safe.

I fall asleep, but it seems that Laura wakes me up only a few minutes after I closed my eyes. I get up without dallying; I have already enough problems. My throat is only slightly swollen and it doesn’t hurt anymore. 

“Louis!” Amanda grins at me from the kitchen table. I sit in front of her and start to eat my cereals, but she keeps gaping at me, and her eyes shines with excitement. “Did you go to the Old Cemetery last night? It’s true?”

I nod my head, and wordlessly I reach for my juice.

Laura goes out of the kitchen, and my sister bent over the table, towards me.

“And you were caught by the police?” she whispers with admiration. “That’s so cool!”

“We were not caught,” I deny, but looking at her I know she doesn’t believe me.

“It’s so cool!” she whispers once again, and I can’t help a smile. But then Laura enters the kitchen, and Amanda straightens on her chair and puts a spoon full of cereals into her mouth.

We ride to school, and she talks like a nut. I’m forced to answer such questions like which of My Little Pony is my favourite (and there’s a lecture about what the Little Ponies are, because I have no idea) and which of the Disney princesses I like the most (again, no idea what is she talking about.) Down in Hell, if we read human tales, it’s Brothers Grimm’s Tales, in original versions. They are dark and scary, and little demons like them.

When we arrive at school, I’m in a quite good mood. I promise Laura to behave and go head to the main entry.

There’s Peter talking to Rachel by the door, but as he sees me he grimaces, and hurries inside the building with a scary look on his face. Rachel turns towards me, but she doesn’t smile.

“We need to talk, Louis,” she says, and her bleak tone makes me shiver. “Now.”

I don’t try to argue with her. She heads back toward the street, and I follow her wordlessly.

There is a small square with flowerbeds and benches opposite the school, across the street, but Rachel goes along it, not stopping and not looking around to see if I follow her. She probably doesn’t even imagine somebody could resist her, and really, I don’t feel like oppose her – maybe because she’s the only likeable thing about the human school, or maybe because her eyes are hypnotizing. Her hair falls onto her back like a waterfall of black water, and I’m sure it would be soft like silk if I touched it.

“Where are we going?” I catch up with her, but she keeps her head straight and she doesn’t even glimpse at me.

“You’ll see.”

She enters a small café and orders two lattes. She waits for the waiter to make them, and she takes them to the table in the corner. I follow her, and we sit on a yellow sofa together.

“Have a drink,” she places one of the mugs before me.

I don’t touch it.

“Is there something wrong?” I ask slowly. It’s a stupid question; I know something is wrong, probably very wrong, because Rachel is not smiling.

“I need to show you something,” she takes a sip of her latte, and then takes her mobile phone out of her pocket. There are headphones by it, and she motions at me to wear them. I put them on my ears, and she hands me the phone. There’s a movie on the screen.

I start watching it. It’s yesterday’s night. We’re at the cemetery; we are standing by the grave of Marry Gray. There’s the flying branch, and then the ghost is attacking us.

I don’t have to watch it all, but I do, because Peter’s camera turned out to be really professional, the definition of the movie is very high, and the sound is really good. The ghost’s body is lucent, my eyes are redder than fire, and the agents from Hell are appearing and disappearing in cloud of mist.

Rachel is slowly sipping her coffee, and after the movie ends, I take the headphones off and reach for my mug. We both drink; I don’t even feel how the coffee tastes. Rachel seems to wait for me to start talking, but I am not going to.

“So?” she turns toward me. The look of her eyes is so intense I can’t look away. “Hellish Emergency Line?”

 “Listen, it was only...”

“I know what I saw, Louis!” she hisses at me. “I’m not crazy. I didn’t lose my mind. I was watching the video for the whole night, and I know what’s there!”

I tighten my hands on the cup. She moves closer to me, and our arms touch.

“It wasn’t a junkie that attacked us,” she whispers. “It was a spectre. And you could touch it. Not mentioning your eyes.”

“Listen, Rachel... the recording must be broken...” I try, but she shakes her head ‘no’.

“Peter sent me this. He showed me a bit of it in the police car, and I told him to save it on his Google disc and delete it from the camera,” she explained. So it is why the police didn’t see the recording. I though the camera got broken, or the agents took care of this. I would have never though it was Rachel.

“It’s fine if you can’t tell me,” she whispers. She looks around, but the café is almost empty. “I don’t know what you are, but your secret is safe with me.”

She takes her phone, and deletes the film. I breathe with relief.

I have no idea why she still wants to be my friend after all of this, but I don’t ask for explanation. She’s just accepted things as they are – the best thing I can do is doing the same.

I know there’s only one more thing I have to do.

“Rachel,” I take her hand just as she’s going to get up. “This recording... It must vanish from Peter’s account, too.”

She nods her head.

“I’ll take care of this,” she promises with a small smile.

“Thanks,” I respond with a smile, and add half-jokingly, “You’re my favourite human.”

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