Why I dont Enjoy Writing Here Anymore

I loved it here, on Movellas, years ago. But now? The feeling is gone, love is the last thing I'd describe movellas, its more of an ache now, a ghost of fun. And I'll tell you why and how it happened.


1. Story Popularity

Honestly, I dont know when I stopped logging into this site everyday, when I stopped looking at my stories to see if it had any more likes, or favourites or reads. To see if I had made any errors for the 100th time, or to see if there was a comment anything to feel happy of what I had created. I was naive.


I realised after some time, that my stories weren't popular, at most there was what? <10 likes, why was that? I really did wonder, I thought of three reasons why:


1. I never managed to progress past a few chapters,

2. My writing was terrible,

3. My story was terrible. 


Now I realised that wasn't the case, although the first reason is still a major reason. The reason why stories aren't popular is because of the people here. I'm not here to tell people off, or be angry at them, I'm just telling people why I realised that it isn't fun anymore for me.


The reason why was cause I had a hope, hope that one day I would write a story, good enough to reach the top of the movellas. So I looked into it, I wondered what it would take to get my story to that level, to get my writing to that level, and decided to look into the top stories of movellas. Bam, dream destroyed.


It was impossible, it was utterly impossible, no matter how hard I tried, for a fantasy story it was impossible. You want to know why? Oh wait im sure you already know the reason why, but i'll just spell it out to the people who don't know. Cos the top 5, no the top 10 stories were all romance, that's not it, all top 10 stories were One Direction Fan-Fics. This is when I realised that it was impossible, I went further. I found out, not only the top 10, but the top 100 were all romance, and most of them were One Direction Fan-fics. That's how my dream of reaching the top was crushed. So I stopped. But I looked further


Did you know that there are almost 100,000 stories on Movellas? that out of these 100,000, 44,000 were fan-fics? Well yeh it amazes me too. So I wanted to know how many of the 100,000 stories was Fantasy considered, it appeared that, 4500 stories were Fantasy, about 4.5% of all the stories on the site. Well do you know how many One Direction Fan-fic stories there were compared to the whole Fantasy Genre? I wanted it to be less, I wished it was less. 7100 stories. 7100, and just on One Direction. Not only that, the top10 most popular tags on movellas was One Direction and Romance. Don't believe me go check. Love: 24700, One Direction: 7100, Romance: 6816, Harry: 5431, Niall: 4493, Harrystyle: 4076, Louis: 3903, Zayn: 3698, Liam: 3690, One: 3478. It keeps going. It's not like one tag was necessary, Harry one might think would refer to a famous book, like Harry Potter, but nope, it refers to Harry Styles, someone who isn't known for books or writing, instead for singing. How does that even happen?


How does just One Direction fan-fic romance stories out number a whole genre. 


I don't want to go into detail, but from my standpoint the stories are all the same, it's always some character falling in love with a One D member, or a One D member falling in love with one of the characters. Sometimes its starts off as a hate that turns into a love, sometimes its a one night stand, sometimes its just at a concert and he sings about her.


Now don't get me wrong, if you're a One Direction Fan-Fic writer, I don't hate you, I just dont think its fair that something about wanting to be with good-looking rich popular guys should be more popular than an awesome fantasy.


So I realised, the number of users on this site are mostly just teenage fan-girls expressing their love for their celebrities through their fan-fiction. That's why my stories weren't getting as popular, well ofc they aren't that good either, but I'm sure if I wrote a fan-fic on love and One Direction with the same quality as my writing for one of my Fantasy stories, I could easily get likes easily. 


I'm just sad now, this site was a great experience, I did meet quite a bit of friends, but most are long gone, and the ones that are still here dont even try to find out about me, its always me trying to initiate a conversation with them. And I rarely get a reply.


900 followers? Who am I kidding, I mumble something, I dont even get a reply. 

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