Why I dont Enjoy Writing Here Anymore

I loved it here, on Movellas, years ago. But now? The feeling is gone, love is the last thing I'd describe movellas, its more of an ache now, a ghost of fun. And I'll tell you why and how it happened.


2. But Silver It Ain't all about Popularity

True true, I agree it isn't. Write because you love writing, not because you want people to like your writing. I myself told someone else this advice, write because you want to write, write for yourself not for others.


But let me ask, what do you see in your writing? What do you want to do with it? Do you see a future for it? Or do just write because you like writing, and just want to write. 


For me it's slightly different, I came here to improve my writing, and to express my various stories. You see, I came here with a dream to publish a novel of mine, to learn how to write at that high level, so that's why I came here, as a journey, as a path. A way to improve. Not to write stories for the sake of writing stories. I have half a hundred other things I enjoy doing other than writing, but I spend time on writing because I want to see it become something.


That's why I want the popularity, because to me that's the way to measure success, how well your story goes, how many likes it gets, or whatever. That's when I found out about the bias to romance and fan-fics. And felt like my stories, I initially wanted to be stepping stones to my path to being an amazing writer that sells bestsellers. 


I wanted to see progress in my writing, I wanted to see improvement, I wanted to see something that could measure my writing from each of my stories and show me that my writing was improving, giving me the confidence to continue. I didn't find that here, sure I got feedback and criticism that helped me fix my mistakes, but all together I didn't see how I could measure my improvement, other than by popularity, or by the number of likes my stories got.


That's why I went after it, why I wanted it, to see if my writing can become something. But the bias to romance and fan-fics is what in the end made me give up on writing here. So now I'm just writing in my notes, leaving it stored in my icloud, letting it build up, improving in my own way.


That's when I found it, only recently by the way, recently, I picked up webcomics, in particular, webtoons. And my dream of becoming a novelist changed, I wanted to become a webcomic writer/drawer. I found that there as long as the story was amazing, even the drawings dont need to be high level, even the writing didn't need to be amazing. And most importantly, the top stories, none of them were romantic fan-fics, they were balanced, there was romance, but there was also action, horror, fantasy, mystery, and these made up all the top stories. And personally I'm so glad that there isn't a single fan-fic of One Direction there.


Not only that I honestly believe that my story can become popular on that, I've received feedback from 3 of my friends who honestly believe that the story im planning for webcomics, has potential, and sounds amazing. I looked at what it took to get popular, and my hope is back again. I didn't make the same mistake I did with movellas, I looked at what it took to get to the top and it pleased me. 

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