Xernia Dragneel: The Eldest Sister of the Dragneel Brothers

Xernia is the Golden Dragon Slayer. She is also The eldest girl in the Dragneel Family. She knows that she has siblings but only knows who one is. She is the embodiment of all things good. She is the White WIzard.


1. In The Forest With My Big Brother

I am sitting on the ground playing with the stick dolls that I had created to entertain myself when my brother couldn't teach me magic. My brother and I live in this forest, alone. I don't have any friends, I only have my brother. His name is Zeref. He uses something called black magic, which makes him kinda scary at times. He usually has this black cloud around him. He doesn't get close to anyone for fear that he might kill them, but he can't kill me. I have a magic that protects me from his, so I spend a lot of time with him. 

I look up for a moment to see my brother coming back. "HI!" He looks at me with the sad look that he always wears. "Hello, I assume that you didn't get into trouble." I shook my head. "Nope. I played with my dolls all day." He half smiled. "That is a good thing to hear. Now, do you want to practice magic?" I shook my head again. "No, not today. I am tired." I yawned as soon as I finished my sentence. "Ok, Xernia, let's get your bed ready." He walked over to our pile of things and pulled out my sleeping bag and layed it on the ground. I got up from where I was and got in the sleeping bag and was soon sound asleep.

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