Changing In More Ways Than One

I am a demon in the angel world. I only have two friends, but only one is actually allowed to hang out and talk to me.


2. Prologue

*Willow's P.O.V*

I am sitting on the ground in an alley alone, cold, and scarred. All I have to cover me is an old red towel. I shiver and my stomach growls. I haven't eaten in almost a week. I hear a noise and look up to see a small boy my age standing at the entrance to the alley. He saw me and started walking towards me. I tried to fly away but my little blue dragon-like wings were so weak I could barely flap them, so instead, I shrunk back into my towel and tried to hide from him. He just kept walking towards me slowly and carefully, almost as if he was scared of me. I can't blame him though, I mean I am a demon, not an angel like him, but he seemed to want to help me rather than run away from me like everyone else. "Are you ok?" I look up at the sound of his voice. "N-no" It is no more than a whisper but I know he heard it. He stopped right in front of me. "I am going to go get my mom. She will help you." He ran back the way he came. 2 minutes later he reappeared with a very kind-looking woman. "Hello sweetie, I am going to get you some clothes and find you a place to stay, but for now we need something besides that towel to cover you up until we get back to our place." She took off her robe and put it around me as she removed the towel. She then picked me up and walked out of the alley with the little boy close behind. I fell asleep in her arms as she carried me back to her house.


*Prince Liam's P.O.V.*

I walked down the street next to my mom as she carried the little demon girl that I found in the alley. I looked up at my mom. "Will she be ok?" My mom looked down at me with soft, caring eyes. "Yes, sweetheart, she just needs some clothes and some food. Then I will find her a home here in this city. Your father won't be happy with me but I don't care because she was a little girl in need." I nodded and we continued on our way back to the castle. On the way, I thought about how pretty the girl was. Of course, as I was thinking we arrived at the castle. We went inside and went up to a spare room which had a lot of my sister's old clothes in it. My mom told me to go get one of the servants to get some food for the girl. I leave and do as I am told but added a treat on the order and then returned to the room. When I arrived back in the room the girl was clothed and awake.


*Willow's P.O.V.*

I woke up in a very large bed in a very grand room. I looked around and found that the kind woman was sitting in a chair beside the bed. "Where am I?" I asked this question very quietly because I didn't have much energy. The woman looked up at me. "I am glad you are awake. And you are in the castle of this city." My eyes widened. "Why am I here and who are you?" She chuckled. "I brought you here to rest, eat, and get some clothes. As for who I am, I am the Queen." I quickly bowed. She laughed. "Oh, you don't have to be so formal. I might be the Queen of the angels and you a demon child, but I don't like being addressed formally. Especially by someone as young as yourself. You may call me Violet." I nodded softly, so as not to use so much energy. 

Just then, the little boy from earlier walked in carrying a tray of food. "Oh, you're awake. I brought you some food." I nodded my thanks and took the tray from him. I started to nibble on the sweet roll that was on the tray. The little boy looked at me. "So, what is your name?" I stopped nibbling and looked up from the food. "My name is Willow." He smiled. "It is nice to meet you Willow. My name is Prince Liam." My eyes widened a little and I looked over at Violet, Liam's mother. She nodded. "Yes, he is the Prince and my son." I smiled a little and looked back at Liam. "It is nice to meet you, Prince Liam." "You can just call me Liam." I nodded and went back to eating. Once I ate my fill, I simply put the tray to my side and looked up. "Why are you guys being so nice to me? I am a demon after all." It was Liam who answered. "You may be a demon but that doesn't mean that you don't have feelings. Or a soul for that matter. We are helping you because we want to and because we don't want to see a person die just because of what they are." I smiled and started to cry. Liam got onto the bed and hugged me. "Shh. It's ok." We stayed like that until I stopped crying. 

Violet turned to me once my face was dry. "I think you should get up and move around so that you can regain some of your strength." I nodded and Liam helped me out of the bed. "I think that you should go have a look at yourself in the mirror." He pointed to the reflective glass frame on the wall near the bed. I walked over and noticed that I was fully dressed in royal clothing. I turned to Violet. "Can I keep these clothes?" Violet nodded. "Yes. I will send you with all of the clothes that my daughter no longer fits into. Even those that will be too big for you right now. I will continue to send you clothes as you grow." A huge grin spread across my face. "Thank you." SHe smiled back. "It is not a problem." Liam turned to me. "I think that you look pretty in that dress." This made me blush a little. Violet turned to the two of us. "While it is enjoyable to watch the two of you, I need to take Willow to her new home. It isn't that far away from here and the couple is aware that she is a demon and fully accepts her into their household as a member of their family." I looked at Violet and then at Liam. Liam's facial expression went from happy to sad in a matter of seconds. "But mom, I want her to stay here with us." His mom looked at him. "I do too, but you know that your father would greatly object to that. She can always come to visit or you could visit her." He nodded. "Well if she can't stay, then can we give her something to remember us by?" Violet nodded. "Yes, and I know what we should give her." She reached around to the back of her neck and unhooked her necklace, which was a heart-shaped locket made of pure gold. (necklace below)

She handed the locket to Liam who then walked behind me and hooked the necklace around neck. I looked down and grabbed the locket and opened it, revealing pictures of Violet, Liam, and two others whom I didn't recognize, along with a blue jewel in the shape of a heart. Violet turned to me. "The man in the picture is my dad before he died and the girl is Liam's sister, Magnolia. The jewel is the last piece of the Angel Sapphire." I nodded understanding that the current king was not in this picture. "Thank you so much. I will never forget you guys, not ever." Liam smiled. "And I will never forget you." Violet smiled as well. "I won't forget you either." And with that, me and Violet left the castle on our way to my new home.

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