Changing In More Ways Than One

I am a demon in the angel world. I only have two friends, but only one is actually allowed to hang out and talk to me.


1. Character Descriptions

Name: Willow/Will

Age: 16

Role: Main Female Character

Name: Sage

Age: 16

Role: Willow's BFF

Name: Liam

Age: 16

Role: Willow's Biggest Crush and the Prince of the angels

Name: Jake

Age: 16

Role: Liam's best friend

Name: Magnolia/Maggie

Age: 18

Role: Liam's older sister

Name: Nathan/Nate

Age: 16 

Role: Sage's boyfriend

Name: Daniel

Age: 19

Role: Willow's biological demon brother

Name: Jasmine

Age: 16

Role: Willow's twin demon sister

Name: Rose

Age: 35

Role: Willow's angel mom

Name: Scott

Age: 38

Role: Willow's angel dad

Name: Primrose

Age: 6

Role: Willow's Stepsister and the biological daughter of Scott and Rose

Name: Lily

Age: 8

Role: Sage's little sister

Name: Violet

Age: 36

Role: Liam's mom and the Queen of the angels

Name: Iris/Mrs. Iris

Age: 75

Role: Willow's kind, old neighbor who is also like a grandmother to her

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