Secret Baby Hero(Link’s Point Of View)


3. The Phone Call


(NICOLE) : the girl's name

When I got home I don't know why but I just couldn't stop thinking about (NICOLE). Maybe it's because I felt so bad about her boyfriend breaking up with her and how mean he was when he did it! I was staring at my phone thinking about whether or not I should call (NICOLE). I really wanted to ask her if she wanted to hang out with me again. After a few minutes I finally got up my courage and called her.

The phone kept on ringing a ton of times and I almost hung up when suddenly I heard her say

"Uh...Hello? Who is this?" A little nervously.

"It's Link from earlier today remember?

I was just wondering if you were OK after what happened." I said.

"I guess so." She said.

"I also wanted to ask if you wanted to..."

Suddenly I heard this weird noise coming from my phone! I guess we were becoming disconnected since we live so far away. I kept on calling her name trying to see if she could hear me but then my phone was off and we were officially disconnected.

I was still dying to ask if she wanted to do something like go to the movies so I got up and took out the wind waker.

It's an item that I keep a secret from all the normal people. I can use it to conduct the wind and make little cyclones to easily warp anywhere. Unfortunately I can only warp to the place if I've already been there, know what it looks like, or know the address. The place also can't be too far away. For example if a person just said "take me to a park in California" I couldn't do that cause I don't know the address. I took out the wind waker and used it at to see if (NICOLE)'s house was too far away. Luckily it wasn't so I conducted the special warping song and was on my way. I was instantly at her door so I put the wind waker in my pocket and knocked.

Suddenly I heard a sudden gasp from behind the door and then suddenly it opened.

""How the HELL did you get here so fast Link?! I could've sworn I felt a little gust of wind just now." She said.

"Uh...Never mind." I said pretty sheepishly.

"I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to come to the movies with me tomorrow, or maybe even tonight if the movie we choose is showing..." I said.

"Yeah! Sure!" She said.

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