children aren't supposed to be scared of their own parents , well she was.
When Lillias begins to realize something is wrong with her sister after a sleepover she to begins to see strange things around her house to. A girl in a night gown weeping in the corridor a strange figure leaning over her bed and worst of all spirits speaking through her sister!


Author's note

Please enjoy this book it is in progress but i will finish it!

4. Deep face fat burner?!



The next day Lillias woke early from an almost sleepless night , one reason being the creep of the girl shed seen in the corridor and two she and Matt had been cleaning the blood soaked bathroom. Lillias sat up then threw herself onto her pillow , her head screaming no. 

​Shit I've got work , fuck!

​Her head swam with the smell of salt from the bloody bathroom and she almost gagged at the thought of Sara in the bath tub with that freaky girl ! Lillias pulled herself to the edge of the bed were she sat up straight finally , Matt woke up groggily and stared at his alarm clock , it was four in the morning and still immensely dark , he looked at Lillias tired and also fragile and weak.

"Babe you got work?"He questioned

​"Yeah sorry i gotta go" She replied to him wavering as she got ,but matt grabbed her by her tiny waist  and pulled her back onto the bed , smothering her in kisses. She lay there in his arms not wanting to leave for work but she had to if she wanted to keep her mums huge house , her mother supplied most of the income by being a lawyer but her mum was never home she was busy being a drunk new Yorker , flailing herself around . 

​Lillias mum was never at home as she worked in new York , and her dad , her dad was an ass  with another woman! Lillias admired Matts rugged but handsome features , he then looked at her seriously into her eyes.

"Did you think about the Baby thing ?" He stared plainly

Lillias sighed as she sat up to look at him properly "I guess i did , Listen i know your going to make a great dad but ....... I don't know if i should be having a baby right now . Its not you its just I'm too busy with Sara and paying the bills and my job and getting an new job and.......I'm just not ready Hun " She told him

Matt stared at her plainly , tears filled his eyes , Lillias new he wanted to be a dad and he would be a great dad but she simply wasn't ready.

"No ...No Matt please don't cry why are you crying ?"

"Because you shouldn't be doing all of this shit by yourself you need your mum here!"

"I know babe." she simply replied

​Sally's diner was usually busy in the morning the many people travelling, Lillias took in the smells of the fresh chips, pancakes and many more it was torture for her to work in the diner as se adored junk food but didn't have it often. She went into the kitchen to find her friend Kate whom was already snogging her boyfriend to say goodbye to I'm as he was off to work early in the morning to.

"eh hum , Kate your goona get fired doing that in front of the cook you know he has a crush on you." Lillias said tying her pink apron strings ate still payed no attention and gave her boyfriend another quick kiss.

"That fat pig off a man will never have me any day , he's too fat for me ya know!" 

"Put this on Mrs future piggy's wife" Lillias sniggered throwing Kate her apron , Kate put it on with no trouble then clenched her hand behind her back.

"Nah Lil's i actually mean it look at meh hand." On Kates figure was a huge diamond ring glistening in the light of the kitchen. The ring  was beautiful the diamond most of all stood out but what really made it look so nice was its shape of a pearl. Kate may have only been twenty one but Lillias knew shed been with her boyfriend (teddy) for over five years now they'd do well together.

"WHAT , NO WAY HE PROPSED! Sorry future Mrs teddy bear! "

"Oh hahaha so funny , well I'm getting married!" Kate squealed 

"Congrats , you'd better make me one of your brides maids, just kidding id trip up and bump into you ruin your dress or something"

"Yeah nah I've already got em , ma two baby cousins Trish and Masie." Kate replied

"Girls what are you doing I've got customers , get your skinny ass out there Lillias and as for you Kate come here I've got a surprise for you" the cook sniggered and took Kate by the hand Lillias sighed and made her way out into the serving room. A family off three was sitting at a table , a small boy and girl with there mother doodling away in a notebook. 

"Good morning mam and welcome to Sally's diner " 

"Oh hi there id like Erma two strawberry pancakes and err for me the breakfast special " she said pointing with a fatty hand with sausage like figures

"Ok mam , from the Sothern's are we?"

"Yeah now go make the food before i starve please" the women replied rudely  

Just then the lights went out and screams could be heard all around the café especially from the café other waitresses that were serving customers now lying on the floor in fear , family's huddling together in a panic rushing for the door. That's when the lights came back on and Kate came shrieking out from the kitchen, her face leaking tears.

"The cook he got on top of me and ..........and someone came in and grabbed him and ...and , his heads in the deep fryer!" She screamed and wept hysterically 

Lillias looked in the kitchen only to see the back of a small child in a nightgown run into the staff toilet , Lillias ripped the door open but no girl was in there. When she closed the door and turned around she was confronted by the cooks angry red bleeding face his skin blistered and practically falling of his face his eyes with deep red and black scars around them , it was like a scene from a horror movie , except the terror for Lillias and cook and everyone else in the diner was real!

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