AdViCe MiCe -Advice book-

Welcome to Advice Mice! The place where I go ahead and advise those who are in need. My mice and I answer all sorts of questions and advice for you! There are currently many mice,

Javi- The popular mouse

Zoella- The love whisperer mouse

Diana- The fashion expert mouse

Kurtis- The tough-situation mouse

Lulu- The friendship advising mouse

Jordy- The mouse who has all the answers!


17. Dear Little Miss Author ; Lulu

Dear Little Miss Author,   Wow, your friends are interesting...But let me just tell you something, no one should ever tell you to shut up or to F**k off and stuff that's just plain rude! Usually, in the age of 2018 - which is whack because humans are eating tide pods and what-not - but usually what happens is being rude = friendly. A new language has evolved god help us. What you also need to know is, people are rude when they like someone. *cough cough* I would never let someone tell me what to do. Shut him off, just be like -" Sorry, but don't talk to me, bye." Then he'll get worried. This will also help you figure out if he actually cares about you, or if he's genuinely mean.   Now about that other boy... You told him I see... It's nice to know that he cares and I think that firt you should see what he does and if it get's violent, put a stop to it.   good luck, Lulu     :) :( :D :O :C :T
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