AdViCe MiCe -Advice book-

Welcome to Advice Mice! The place where I go ahead and advise those who are in need. My mice and I answer all sorts of questions and advice for you! There are currently many mice,

Javi- The popular mouse

Zoella- The love whisperer mouse

Diana- The fashion expert mouse

Kurtis- The tough-situation mouse

Lulu- The friendship advising mouse

Jordy- The mouse who has all the answers!


4. Diana ; The fashionista mouse



Yes. It's me the fashionista queen.

Yes - I AM one of the Kardashians.

Yes - I'm gorgeous, don't REMIND ME!

What was that? I remind you of Kylie Jenner?

Thanks! I know I do!

anyway, hi everyone. I'm Diana and I love fashion.

Not only do I love fashion, but I just love beauty in general!

My favorite color is purple. I feel like its the perfect fashionable colour.

When you listen to me, just remember,

I'm french :)

Please use me for advice! YOU NEED IT!


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