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Welcome to Advice Mice! The place where I go ahead and advise those who are in need. My mice and I answer all sorts of questions and advice for you! There are currently many mice,

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16. Dear Writing Is My Passion ; Jordy

Dear Writing is my passion,

First off, SCREW everyone who makes fun of you. Everyone's bodies adapt differently and you shouldn't be judged because of it. Those snarky comments are totally rude and disrespectful. The people judging you most likely worry too much about their popularity and or looks. About the acne thing, if you want to get rid of it, STOP WASHING YOUR FACE. What I do generally, is I just rinse my face with water every day, and do a face mask once a week. It really helps. It might dry out your face, but it really does rid red blotches and acne. I came to this conclusion because when I did use every SINGLE LIVING MOST AWESOME MOST BEST ANTI ACNE item, it just made it worse. To deal with those ass holes at your school is just always say ,"what makes you better?" then what will they say? "Because I don't have acne!" then you say, "Some of us aren't over-privileged and I don't care what you think."



Jordy :)


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