AdViCe MiCe -Advice book-

Welcome to Advice Mice! The place where I go ahead and advise those who are in need. My mice and I answer all sorts of questions and advice for you! There are currently many mice,

Javi- The popular mouse

Zoella- The love whisperer mouse

Diana- The fashion expert mouse

Kurtis- The tough-situation mouse

Lulu- The friendship advising mouse

Jordy- The mouse who has all the answers!


9. Dear Preslee Lily Potter ; Lulu

Dear Preslee,

Funny you asked for my advice right now because I was just addressing a friend who was avoiding me. Anyway, Preslee, before you assume your friends are ignoring you or avoiding you, please keep in mind that maybe you just aren't talking enough. Maybe the problem is that you have the personality of needing constant attention - might have to ask Kurtis about this one. Anyway, if they really are just ignoring you, what I usually do is address my friends to get the answer. The answer you would receive back is usually a 50/50 chance of good or bad. When you said you were attempting at new friends, that's good! But be aware that you can't just jump right into a friend group and expect them to be totally "okay" with it. You have to make your mark, do something fascinating. So my advice to you is, just try and go with the flow and if it bothers you, then start talking more. BUT DON'T BE ANNOYING THAT IS A NO NO! Anyway, remember to check how you act and also check to see if you are doing anything wrong. Also, you should text them and ask to hang out! I sometimes very rarely get into situations such as this and honestly, you just have to be a happy camper in the end.


Keep soaring,



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