Volatile Love

Koko has turned to the dark side since her parents death and when she meets Justin Bieber hell breaks loose. Their love is volatile and toxic but in the end they're loyal to each other. He's a fighter and she's a partier. But who has a stronger will?


6. Truth VS Gang

Koko's POV:

I storm out of the kitchen and march to my room. Why'd he have to dig about in my business? I quickly change into black skinny jeans with slits all up the leg, a white kami, my black leather jacket and then my combat boots. No way was I staying here with Justin! My phone starts ringing and angrily I answer.

"What?" I snarl.

"Calm it cupcake, it's me Reggie." Reggie snaps down the other line.

"What is it Reg?" I snap back.

"Boss wants you." he responds and then hangs up.

Fustraitedly, I throw my phone across the room and kick my bed. Santiago always wants me a the most annoying time. I grab my hand gun, shoving it into my jeans waist band, and stomp down stairs. Justin has left a note on the front door saying, "Out. Stop being a bitch." which makes me smirk. Why? I have no idea.

Hurriedly, I drive to Santiago's place and storm through the doors. His mindless minions are waiting for me. One goes to grab me but I shoot an aggressive glare his way.

"I know where he is, dumbass." I snap and strut my way to the games room. As I walk away I feel their eyes glued to my ass. Perverts! Sure enough there the muscular Latina is sat with pocker chips in his hand. Reggie sits opposite him with a smirk on his face.

"So glad you could join Koko!" Santiago laughs.

"Cut the bull shit. What do you want?" I huff agitatedly as I pour myself a glass of whiskey.

"We're going to pay the Cartels a visit. Care to join?" Reggie smirks.

"When have I ever said no?" I grin and then down my drink. The Cartel's are the ones who go my parents killed. Any chance I get, I go over to theirs so I can shoot at least one of them.

After a few minutes of gearing  up we're all piled into cars and are driving down towards the coast. All along the way I'm catching up with the guys and laughing. When I was born my parents made a deal with Santiago. If they died during a run or something he had to look after me. Santiago is like a really annoying uncle to me but he kept his word and sorted me out when they got shot. I grew up with most of the boys here and before my parents died I had nothing to do with gang business. However my circumstances changed when they passes. The boys were very over protective of me because I was so reckless and stubborn. Often enough they've had to stop me from making a really stupid decision.

As we arrive at Cartel's manor I load my gun up.

"No one shoots until I say. After all this is just a friendly visit." Santiago winks and then we all walk into the house.  When we walk in all of Cartel's men stare at my body.

"One more perverted glance and I'll shoot your dicks off." I snap nastily and then they all redirected their eye line. Reggie stands next to me, dwarfing my figure, to make it as if they should be intimidated.

"Mr Cartel is waiting for you in the pocker room." A slutty girl says, batting her eye lashes. She gives the boys a flirtatious smile which was more creepy than seductive and me a disgusted look. I roll my eyes and power walk to Santiago's side.

"This is ridiculous. Why haven't we killed them yet?" I whisper shout.

"All in good time." He smirks and then we walk into the room. I always die when I see who's in the room.

"Koko!" he says alarmed.

"Justin!" I say with just as much confusion.

"Ah so you've met my best fighter?" Cartel grins.

"Koko?" Santiago says a slight bit angrily.

"We go to school together. Just friends." I say glaring at Justin. His jaw clenches and his hands into aggressive fists.

"I'd have said a bit closer than friends." he spat.

"Get a grip Bieber." I roll my eyes.

"Both of you shut up. NOW!" Santiago snaps venomously. He shoots me a deathly glare which instantly makes me cower. I know he want hurt me physically but he has a way of leaving deep mental scars.

"Shall we play a game?" Cartel grins.

"Sure. Koko you're up." Santiago says emotionlessly. I obey his orders and take a seat.

"I had a different game in mind." He grins.

"Which is?" I say feistily.

"A fighting match." Cartel chuckles. Justin goes pale and so do I. Justin knows he'll be put in the ring, after all he's unbeatable.

"Koko is going to destroy you." Reggie chuckles naïvely.

"Oh really. Did you know Justin is a heavy weight champion?" Cartel grins.

Our whole gang fall silent and then Santiago whispers in my ear, "If you win I'll let you free."

My eyes widen at the possibility. I would finally be free from the gang. I could have a fresh start.





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