Volatile Love

Koko has turned to the dark side since her parents death and when she meets Justin Bieber hell breaks loose. Their love is volatile and toxic but in the end they're loyal to each other. He's a fighter and she's a partier. But who has a stronger will?


3. The boxing match

Justin's POV:

As I started to sike myself up for my match Koko walks over. She's got a short white pencil skirt with a matching brallet, a red bomber jacket (that's too big for her) that has my last name written in cursive on the back and then high heals. Koko looked gorgeous. However, I stand there in my sport shorts and boxing gloves.

"Damn Bieber look at your muscles!" She laughs. After training for three years I have abs and bulging biceps. And ,also, my name in the boxing world has gone up.

"Not to bad either Wickham." I laugh, grabbing her by the waist. I have no idea what we are but it sure is fun!

"You better win!" She teases as she drapes her arms around my neck. A few people stare at us but we take no notice.

"Darling I never lose." I smirk.

"I'll be routing for you." She laughs and then goes to walk away but I grab her wrist.

"What no kiss?" I make a puppy dog face at her.

She grins and then grabs me by the neck ,pulling me down to her height, and gives me a heated kiss. Koko pulls away, winks, and then struts towards my side of the arena. I stare at her ass as she walks away but am interrupted when my coach starts shouting, "YOU'RE UP KID"

I walk through the isle created and starts practicing my punches. My fans scream wildly and they start chanting. When I'm in the ring I spot Koko screaming wildly and she blows a kiss in my direction. I wink and then brace myself for the fight. After a series of punches and kicks the guy is down and I'm victorious. Koko is going crazy. I get my trophy and then shake hands with my competitor. Quickly I jump out of the ring and take a seat. A bead of swear runs down my brow as I wipe my face with a towel. 

"Enjoy your night Justin that was one hell of a show." My manager laughs, pats my back and then leaves. Koko walks over to me, smiling like a Cheshire cat.

"That was incredible!" She smiles as she straddles my lap.

"Thanks." I chuckle. She wraps her skinny arms around my neck and kisses me. At first it was just a peck but it soon develops into something much more passionate- like there's an urgency between us. She very craftily grinds her self against me with causes us both to let out a small moan.


Koko's POV:

Justin leans into my ear and whispers in his I'm-in-command voice, "If it was up to me I'd take you right here." I gasp and slap his arm playfully. I'm usually never like this with a guy but Justin is different. He makes me feel alive after all these years of being dead inside.

"Did you just hit me?" he smirks evilly.

"Yeah and what you gonna do about it!" I tease, sticking my tongue out playfully.

"This!" and with that he flings me over his shoulder and starts to walk out of the arena. Much to my protest of kicking and punching his back, he wouldn't put me down. When we reach his car he puts me down delicately and is grinning.

"Never ever do that to me again!" I snap. He laughs at my feistiness and forces a kiss on me. At first I don't kiss back but he squeezes my bum and I instantly start kissing him back. Our tongue intertwine and play a dangerous game but he easily wins. We break away breathless.

"Will you be my girl?" He smiles.

"You can't handle me yet bad boy." I laugh and then kiss him again. I hate labels. What me and Justin have is good and yet I can still be flirty and have fun. Justin has no idea what I'm really like.

"Wanna bet?" he challenges. Holding me so I stand in line off his bulge.

"I'm having a party tomorrow night. See ya bad boy" I smirk and then walk back to my car leaving a flustered Justin Bieber.




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