Volatile Love

Koko has turned to the dark side since her parents death and when she meets Justin Bieber hell breaks loose. Their love is volatile and toxic but in the end they're loyal to each other. He's a fighter and she's a partier. But who has a stronger will?


1. Koko and Justin's Pocker game.

Justin's POV:

The first time I met Koko was at Ricky's party. She was the only girl sat at the pocker table and was happily smoking a cigarette. Guys crowded around her in admiration while other girls stared, wanting to be her. She had the skinniest shortest red dress I'd ever seen on with black stilettos on. A tattoo of a lion roaring was on one arm and she had novelty tattoos everywhere else. The one that stuck out was a picture of an angel on her collar bone with five numbers underneath it. Obviously, I had way more tattoos than her and they were being shown of in my see-through white dress shirt.

"Your deal Bieber." She says slyly as she puts her feet up on the table. From where I sit I can see straight up her dress, so I knew she'd done it in an act of distraction. She tapped her cigarette, letting the ashes fall on one guys shoes, as she blew a cloud of smoke in my direction. I smirk at her cockiness.

"Whole set of 8s and three 9s." I say smugly- no way has she got better cards than me. Oh man was I wrong.

"Wipe that smile Biebs, all aces and three kings." Koko laughs as she throws her cards at me. Everyone starts cheering and one guy passes her a large bottle of vodka, which she takes large gulps from. I stare horrified. She actually beat me! I start laughing at her sass and pride.

"Well done, Wickham." I shake my head, still laughing at the fact I'd been beaten by a girl. She shrugs and then walks away with her little entourage.

"Oi Styles, what's Koko's deal?" I elbow my best mate Harry, as I watch her dance inappropriately.

"Parents died and left her a shit tonne of money which she's only gone and tripled since she started gambling. Quite the name for her self. She's wild that's for sure." He laughs me off.

"Interesting." I smirk and then make my way over to where she's dancing. I want Koko and I always get what I want.

Koko's POV:

I'm happily dancing until I feel a strong pair of hands wrap around my waist. This always happens at these type of parties. One guy gets to touchy feely and then they all think it's open season on my body. I roll my eyes and try and elbow the guy off but he doesn't even flinch.

"Hey do you..." I stop mid-sentence and stare at Justin.

"What are you doing? Kicking your ass at pocker wasn't enough?" I laugh as I snatch myself from his grasp. 

"Why so mean?" He smirks as he grabs me back ,but a lot stronger this time, by the hips.

"Justin I swear to God if you don't let me go now I'm going to kick your ass." I snap. When he doesn't let go I hit him hard in the face. He turns back to me, jaw clenched and his eyes go black.

"Now why'd you have to do that Koko?" He says way to calmly. I roll my eyes and go to leave but he spins me around and crashes his lips against mine. To my own surprise I kiss back and the truth is, I liked kissing him. My hands tangle in his hair while his stay firmly placed on my small hips. When I pull away, we're both grinning and breathing heavily.

"Till next time Justin Bieber." I laugh and walk away from him, leaving him to stare at me. I'd decided to leave early, so I jump into my brand new BMW and drive home. I had school tomorrow and already knew I would be A) hung over and B) very late.




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