Anna's Journals

*This story may have elements that could be triggering to some readers, please scroll down for themes included*

Annabelle Jones is about to celebrate her 19th Birthday when the relationship with her best friend, Sapphire, takes an unexpected turn. Annabelle has to decide, does she take the trip her and her best friend have spent three years planning and go by herself, or does she turn away from a trip of a lifetime?

This story has themes of: Romance, Friendship, Bullying/being bullied, mental health (specifically Anxiety and Depression) and similar reastic aspects.


1. Author Note

This story contains themes and ideas that some may find triggering. It is part truth, part fiction. Some of the things that happen to the character happened to me, but for dramatics and for the story, may have been exaggerated. 

Hope you enjoy!

Annie Xxx

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