Common Ground

Childhood friends, turned more, turned upside down


9. Her Song

Once Friday rolled around, Bethany had nailed literally every cover we threw her into and a couple songs we threw her into. We were going to try to get the other 2 or 3 songs down before we went on stage tonight since we were the main event so we had the time before actually going on. Since Bethany was joining us, a shit load more people were coming; like Melissa, and her friends Collins and Mikayla were bringing a bunch of people from the music program Bethany used to be a part of so this was like a huge selling gig for us tonight; like almost sold out and according to our guy at the venue, tickets were still being sold like crazy.
“How are you feeling?” I asked her at lunch that day at school.
“Stressed but I know I got this.” She mumbled.
“You always got this.” Vienna said.
“Of course you do.” Aviana said, agreeing.
“So Shannon just bought mine and Sophie’s tickets for tonight!” Emily said, walking over to join us. “So excited for this! Beth, you are going to be great!”
“Thanks love.” Bethany said, smiling.
“Oh my god, so like this is insane. I just mentioned the show to Olivia, Eric, Harper, and Charlotte and they all got tickets; like this thing is blowing up because of you Bethany!”
“Not to be rude, but I’m drawing a blank on who they are…” Bethany said sheepishly.
“Oh, friends of ours from drama club.” Shannon said.
“I don’t know why me being involved is all of a sudden making this whole thing a big deal.”
“Because who gives a fuck about Trevor?’ Emily joked. We all laughed and I rolled my eyes.
“That and posters with never hurt anybody.” Shannon said, holding one up, sliding it to Bethany. She smiled and slid it over to me.
“Damn, these are fucking great. No wonder Isaac is like beyond stoked for this tonight; Shannon over here is killing it on the advertising of a new band member.” I said.
“Hey, I have advertising in my blood; both my parents do it. But anyway, this is going to be one kick ass show. Oh and I also heard a neighboring school is spreading the word too, uh some girl named Kaylee?”
“OH MY GOD; KAYLEE!” Aviana and Vienna both got super excited.
“You guys know her?” Sophie asked.
“Yeah, she used to go here but moved; old friend.” Aviana said.
“Perfect. Tonight is legit going to be kickass!” Emily said.

“When the night is cold, and you feel like no one knows what it’s like to be the only one buried in this hole…you can make it to til the sunrise…” I sang, working on the last song they wanted me to get down.
“Okay, you seem to have it down.” Alex said. I nodded, trying really hard to keep my composure.
“Guys, and girl…makeup and wardrobe time.” Isaac said.
“Alright, just keep going over it in your head. You got this babe, okay?” Trevor said, kissing me. I nodded before getting tugged in the opposite direction as him by Alexis and Bree; Bree doing my outfit and Alexis doing my makeup.
“Are you nervous?” Bree asked as she was getting me dressed.
“As fuck.” I said, feeling my stomach going into knots.
“Don’t be; just remember, you’ll be up there with Matt and Trevor and a shit load of your friends are out there and we will be here for you too.” Alexis said.
“Yeah, plus, for wardrobe change, you’ll see us in between some songs.” Bree chimed in.
“This is a good point.” I said, sighing, trying to shake the anxiety.
“You got this.” Alexis said. “Look in the mirror.” I stood up, looking into the mirror.
“Holy shit…” I gasped.
“And that’s just the opening outfit; they only get better.” Bree said, smirking. She and Alexis laughed before making their rounds. Bree had dressed me in fishnets with black jean shorts with black booties with a black crop top and Alexis had curled my hair and did smoky eye on me and I barely even recognized myself I felt like I looked so good.
“Are you ready?” I looked over and Isaac standing there. I nodded and followed him out. “You are entering from over here, they will be over there…you’ll be walking out as you…”
“Yup, as my first line happens, I remember from practice.” I said.
“Perfect; you can cram a lot in 2 days; I’m beyond impressed.”
“Thank you.” It was then I heard the music start for the first song…the cover of Dark Horse. I took the mic and waited for my cue as I watched them on stage, jumping around.
“So you want to play with my drink, boy you should know what you’re falling for, baby do you dare to do this…” I sang, walking on stage, making my way next to Trevor. People started screaming, making all my fears melt away. “Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse.” I paused, waiting. “There’s no going back…” I sang as Trevor screamed. He looked over at me, smiling as he kept going and I smiled back, knowing tonight was going to be perfect.
After the show, I felt my adrenaline pumping and Trevor had me up in the air, spinning me around and I couldn’t stop laughing. I felt like a whole new person; it was incredible.
“YOU KILLED IT BABE!” Trevor kept saying. He put me down and kissed me as I stumbled over my heels that I was in at this point. “Come on, let’s get out there!” Trevor said, pulling me by the wrist. The guys were all congratulating me as they followed, saying how I great I did and honestly it felt like the best thing in the world to be back up on stage.
“BETHANY!” I saw Collins, Mikayla, and…Damian hanging in the back ground.
“YOU KILLED IT!” Collins screamed as she reached me, wrapping me up in a hug. I wa hugging her back and screaming.
“Oh my god…seeing you back on stage; you looked like you were meant to be there.” Melissa said.
“Thanks guys.”
“So hi, I’m Trevor.” He held his hand out as I laughed.
“Oh guys, this is Mikayla, Collins, and uh Damian.” I said.
“You did great, Bethany.”
“Thanks.” I nodded, not sure why he even came to begin with.
“The chemistry between you two is unreal!” Melissa said. “Ugh, I can’t believe my cousin and my best friend; UGH!” I laughed and Damian just looked upset but I tried to ignore him to the best of my abilities.
“BETHANY!” I heard my name being called and I saw Emily waving me over.
“Excuse me guys; that’s Emily.” I pushed my way over to her and she wrapped me in a hug.
“Girl, oh my god, you did so fucking good! It’s like you brought their band to a whole new level! Please tell me you plan on staying?!” 
“I planned on it.” I said, laughing.
For the next couple of hours I was being passed around, being congratulated by literally everyone I knew and other’s I barely recognized from school. It was insane how much Shannon making a few posters and a couple people talking made this go from a half sold show to totally sold out and apparently there being a line still out the door just so they could hear. I was so hyped up, I don’t think anything could ruin my mood tonight.
“AH BABE!” I turned and saw Trevor running over to me, lifting me back up, and kissing me as he held me close. I wrapped my arms around his neck, totally lost in him. He put me down and was still holding onto my waist, smirking. “So…after party or do you want to head home?” I smirked and bit my lip, knowing my answer.
“I thinking home sounds pretty good right now.”
“Damn, a girl who speaks my damn language. Fuck; let’s go before the guys hunt us down.” I giggled as he pulled me out to his car and we sped out of there.
When we got to the house, we stumbled up to our room, still kissing and bumping into walls, horribly loud; we didn’t care though. We were both too hyped up to even care. When we fell onto his bed, we were both already naked and our hands running all over each other as he kissed all over me. I was moaning, beyond ready for anything and everything that was about to happen.

The next morning, Bethany was still assed out on top of me and I smiled, thinking there was no better after party than last night. I slowly moved her off me as I pulled on sweats to get some coffee for the two of us.
“Bro, where did you disappear to last night?!” Alex questioned when I got into the kitchen.
“Don’t even ask; does his face not say it all?” Tim said, laughing. Matt and Alex started laughing and I just rolled my eyes.
“You two have no fucking self-control.” Matt said. “At least I wasn’t here to hear it all this time.”
“Oh but we heard you; where is she at?” I asked.
“Bro, she’s fucking sleeping still.”
“And you fuck with me about me being too loud.” I joked.
“Is Beth up?” Tim asked.
“Nah, why; what’s up?”
“Well like…we wanted to talk about her in the band.” Alex said.
“Oh; did something happen I wasn’t aware of?” I asked, sitting down.
“Hell no; we want her like in for good. Like she fucking killed it last night and we want her like officially in. like last night I know we agreed was a test run but holy shit the way she got the crowd going, how she got so into it, everyone into it…we want her to stay.” Alex said.
“I mean, I’m down as long as she’s down to stay.” I said.
“Yeah, I’m in too.” Matt and Tim said.
“So it’s agreed; she stays.”
“Hell yeah. I mean, obviously not all songs are meant to have female vocals but the ones that should, like fuck, she needs to be on them.” Tim said.
“Agreed.” Alex said, nodding.
“Then it’s settled.” Matt said.
“Cool so I’m going to bring this up to her before she wakes up.” I said, grabbing her coffee. I walked back upstairs and she was slowly starting to move around and I heard her grumbling. I put our coffees down and I crawled back in bed, pulling her to me.
“Mmm…” She mumbled making me smile. “Good morning.” Her sleepy voice killed me as she snuggled up into me.
“Good morning babe.” I said, kissing her everywhere I could reach her.
“I can smell coffee.” She mumbled. I laughed and reached for it. She reached her hands out from under the blankets and grabbed it, slowly sipping on it.
“Did you sleep alright?” I asked.
“Mhm.” She said, before putting her coffee down. “Did you?”
“Yeah, pretty damn good.” She laughed and leaned back into bed.
“Did you have any plans today?”
“Well, the guys wanted to work on some more music and we have anew cover idea…so you know that includes you…”
“Wait…I passed my test run?!”
“Hell yeah you did!” She screeched and threw her arms around me.
“But yeah, we’re working on a new cover of Maps by Maroon 5 so we want to get that one going ASAP.”
“Okay; but like right now? I just woke up?”
“Yeah no, not right now. Matt ended up bringing someone home last night.” I joked. Bethany laughed and rolled her eyes.
“And he makes fun of us now.”   
“Yeah, right? Now we can start making fun of him.” Bethany kept laughing and I knew, I knew this was the laugh I wanted to hear every morning, every moment for the rest of my life. “Why are you looking at me like that?” Bethany asked when she stopped laughing.
“No I was just…thinking. Can I have my notepad?” She nodded, reaching down for it and handing it to me.
“What’s on your mind?”
 “No, I can’t tell you yet. You can read it later.” She nodded and flipped my TV on super low so I could focus as she drank her coffee.

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