In omnibus traditionibus

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  • Published: 25 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 10 May 2018
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Roughly translated to against all traditions...

King Legolas and Queen Selena are dieties representing the sun and the moon. In their world; known as Statera (meaning balance) each daughter is born representing the moon. She is given a moon name (Diana, Artemis...etc.) Each son is born representing the sun (Apollo, Helios...etc.)

Legolas and Selena are expecting a son, due to the fact that heat radiates from the unborn child...

For the Gender competition.


3. Traditio contritum


Traditionally a baby girl is born as soon as the sun sets and baby boy is born when the sun first begins to peak over the hills in the east. That’s the way it’s always been done. And the deities, of Statera are incredibly obsessed with balance, and obsessed with tradition. 100 years ago, there was a priestess who came running into the palace, her silver robes were wrinkled and torn, her silver eyes were ragged and had lost their sheen. She relayed a prophecy to the pregnant queen. Saying that the child Queen Diana carried was a daughter of the sun. Never before had there been a daughter of the sun. Thankfully much to the world’s relief, a son was born as soon as the sunrise came up the next morning.

         The priestess warned that one day the foretold daughter would come. Eventually the kingdom forgot about this foretelling of an untraditional birth. For if such a child was born; it would mean the end to the royal kingdom. It would mean an end to the bloodline that was thousands of years old. It would be a disturbance in the galaxy. The prophecy foretold and such a child would be born at high noon when both the sun and the moon were high in the sky. In the kingdom of Statera, a heavily pregnant ruler is in her gardens on such a day.


         Queen Selena strolls through her gardens surrounded by silver clad ladies in waiting. Her baby bump protrudes out from the folds of her dress. She places a pale white hand on the bump and feels the heat radiating from within. The heat grows hotter with each passing moment. Soon it will reach the correct temperature for the son to be brought into the world.

“I feel the heat getting hotter by the hour. I do believe Statera will have a new prince at dawn tomorrow.” The ladies nod in agreement. It is high time the prince be born. The core temperature has almost reached the maximum.

“What do you want for the next one your majesty?” Selena thinks for a moment and places a hand on her belly. She smiles and says,

“A girl, this heat is out of hand. I would like to have a cold pregnancy next time.” The ladies all laugh and they keep strolling through the gardens.

         As the sun is near to reaching its peak height the moon can be clearly seen next to it. The queen and the ladies all look up. They subconsciously worry but do not know what they are worrying about. So, they keep walking. When the sundial reaches ten; Selena yells out in pain, clutches her belly and falls to her knees. Her ladies immediately assist her to the royal birthing room. Selena is frantic and keeps saying. “It is not time. It is not time. Sunrise is not for many hours. And it is not a daughter. It is not time!” Selena’s ladies ease her into the birthing chair and the royal midwife is called. A priestess is also called to foresee the birth and to anoint the future king.

         King Apollo runs through the castle, his golden light forcing the shadows away. He runs to his wife and does not say anything other than,

“This is against all traditions. A son is born at sunrise, a daughter is born at sunset. The heat means a sun and sunrise is not for many more hours!”

Selena looks at him with a grimace in her eye and sharply replies. “I know.” 

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