In omnibus traditionibus

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  • Published: 25 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 10 May 2018
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Roughly translated to against all traditions...

King Legolas and Queen Selena are dieties representing the sun and the moon. In their world; known as Statera (meaning balance) each daughter is born representing the moon. She is given a moon name (Diana, Artemis...etc.) Each son is born representing the sun (Apollo, Helios...etc.)

Legolas and Selena are expecting a son, due to the fact that heat radiates from the unborn child...

For the Gender competition.


7. Ritus of obduco

Nova wakes up on her 18th birthday, the day she’ll be crowned prince of the kingdom. The day she’ll have to prove herself to the kingdom, to prove she’ll make a good king. Alas, she has other plans. Her golden suit of armor hangs in the corner, her golden uniform hangs as well. She combs her hair before suiting up and entering the ballroom. Moonchildren and sun children mill about the room. Some of them have short hair, others wear clothing not assigned by birth. They’re all different, ten years ago they would’ve only been two differences seen, but diversity has grown much in the last few years.

         A maid bows to Nova addressing her as “Your highness, your parents are expecting you.” Nova enters the room and sees her parents sitting on their thrones waiting for her. Selena smiles but Legolas furrows his brow. Nova furrows her brow behind her helmet. She stares at her father and waits for him to speak.

“My dear daughter.” Legolas has never addressed Nova as daughter before. She has hope that today she might become who she really is. If not she has a plan to come out anyway.

“My dearest daughter, today you will perform your rite of passage. You will save a maiden named Ava from her captures. The moon and sun gods have her in their shrine. Capture her and earn the gods’ favor. Then return for the royal ball. Tonight, you will be crowned as prince of the realm.” Nova bows and leaves. Tears form in her eyes. She walks to the stables and climbs atop her horse. She must save Ava.

         She rides and rides and rides until she comes to a tree in the meadow. Ava’s there. Nova runs to her and shouts screaming.

“Come with me Ava before the gods take you. You’re a part of my rite of passage and it’s not going to happen. I won’t let it. Come with me. We’ll go hide.”

“You’re sweet Nova, but I can’t. You must perform your rite of passage.”

         Nova kisses Ava and picks her up in her arms. She puts Ava on the horse and they gallop to the stables. Nova sneaks Ava into the palace and kisses her before saying.

“I love you, you won’t be taken from me. I won’t let them take you. I don’t care about my crown. I care about you”

         Nova takes off her armor and walks into the closet. She pulls down a golden dress and pulls down a suit of armor. She cuts the dress in half with scissors and cuts the armor in half using a blade. She and Ava intricately sew the two pieces together. Nova looks at Ava and says,

“This is a perfect dress for my rite of passage.”

“What is the rite of passage for a moonchild?”

“A beautiful dress, entering a ball at moonlight. Making the stars in the sky shine brighter with moon magic. Sun children aren’t supposed to have magic but I do. My rite of passage shall be performing magic.”

         Selena storms through the palace as her daughter doesn’t appear at sunset for the royal ball. She storms into Nova’s room and finds her daughter nowhere to be found.

Selena finds half a dress and half a suit of armor waiting for her. She looks at the sky and sees the moon has risen high. She watches in fear as the stars begin to move and glow. She whispers,

“The moonchild’s rite of passage. No Nova, you didn’t.” But indeed, Nova did. Selena runs to the ballroom and enters in the opposite door just as Nova enters wearing half a suit of golden armor and half a golden dress made out of beautiful lace. Nova’s skin emits a golden glow with golden stars following her. At her side is Lady Ava, wearing a beautiful silver dress. The royal court gasps as Nova enters…bearing the symbol of a sun child but acting as a moon child. Selena hears Legolas mutter something under his breath. She knows what he said.

“The rite of passage is complete.” 

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