In omnibus traditionibus

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  • Published: 25 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 10 May 2018
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Roughly translated to against all traditions...

King Legolas and Queen Selena are dieties representing the sun and the moon. In their world; known as Statera (meaning balance) each daughter is born representing the moon. She is given a moon name (Diana, Artemis...etc.) Each son is born representing the sun (Apollo, Helios...etc.)

Legolas and Selena are expecting a son, due to the fact that heat radiates from the unborn child...

For the Gender competition.


8. Princet Nova princeps Statera

Every head in the ballroom turns, if it had been five years earlier, they would’ve been in shock. But they aren’t, in fact most of them smile as Nova steps into the ballroom wearing half a suit of armor and half a dress. Nova steps in and she doesn’t know what they’ll think of her. She doesn’t know what her father will say, what her mother will do. All she knows is that at her side stands the one person who’s accepted her. The one person who’s supported her since she was a child. The one person who knows who she really is. And that person is Ava.

         Nova takes a step forward to be announced. The announcer isn’t sure how to announce her. The embarrassed announcer leans down to whisper in Nova’s ear. Nova has five seconds to decide what she wants to be known as. Four, three, two, one.

“Your highness, how do I announce you?” Nova blushes and responds.

“Refer to me whatever you wish. I have no gender.” The announcer bows and clears his throat before announcing.

“His Royal Highness Princess Nova.” The people turn heads and wear puzzled expressions but Nova just steps forward and goes up to the dais and nods her head towards her parents. Kisses Ava’s cheek and addresses her people.

“I was born in the middle of the day. Born as a daughter of the sun which means I’m the only one of my kind. All my life I’ve been called Prince but to myself I call myself a daughter. I now prefer not to gendered. I’m not a prince, I’m not a daughter. Not of the moon nor the sun. Not male nor female. I am Princet Nova, child of King Legolas and Queen Selena, heir to the throne of Statera. I am 18, and since I was born while the sun and the moon were both present. I have no gender. As ruler, you will call me kineen.”

         Nova turns to her father, and he stands. He extends his hand to Selena and she stands. Selena takes the silver crown from her head and the golden crown from her husband’s head. Never before had the two crowns joined but now Selena and Legolas both put their crowns on the head of their child. The kingdom bows before Nova, Selena and Legolas drop to their knees. A single voice rings out before being joined by multitudes.

“Long live the Kineen” Nova stands and smiles before her people. To herself she might be a girl but to the world she knows no gender. 

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