In omnibus traditionibus

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  • Published: 25 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 10 May 2018
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Roughly translated to against all traditions...

King Legolas and Queen Selena are dieties representing the sun and the moon. In their world; known as Statera (meaning balance) each daughter is born representing the moon. She is given a moon name (Diana, Artemis...etc.) Each son is born representing the sun (Apollo, Helios...etc.)

Legolas and Selena are expecting a son, due to the fact that heat radiates from the unborn child...

For the Gender competition.


9. Coronatus

Kineen Nova sits on her throne. Her father Legolas and her mother Selena enter the throne room. They don’t bow for they are still disappointed in the fact that their child threw away all their hard work. They had tried for years to shield her from the truth. Always stating that she was in fact a male. But Nova knew better, from birth she knew she was different. Legolas and Selena have made a plan. A plan to take their daughter off the throne. Once they overthrow her they can give the throne to another royal family and restore balance.


“Yes Father.” Legolas turns to Selena as his child stares at him with her piercing brown eyes. Her new crown made from both gold and silver sits on her head. Selena fakes grief as Legolas lowers his head.

“My child, I’ve consulted the scrolls and with the priestess. We’ve even prayed to the sun and moon. The scrolls state the worst.” His face pales white and Selena sheds her crocodile tears. It’s enough to get Nova on the edge of her seat. She holds her head high and stares into the eyes of her parents.

“What is it? Is Statera in danger?” Legolas shakes his head and now it’s Selena’s turn. She takes Nova’s hand and stares into her child’s eyes.

“My dear child, you must marry. If you don’t wed within the year the crown is placed on another’s head. And because you are the only heir it means our family shall lose the throne.”

         Nova smiles and says.

“Who will be queen or king if I don’t marry?”

“Lady Ava.” Nova’s smile widens. She gets down off her throne and turns to her parents saying.

“Not to worry. I’m sure I can find an eligible match before the end of the year.” Legolas clears his throat.

“Nova, you must marry someone to restore the balance. And that means marrying a sun child. It means undergoing a change. To make you fully female.” Nova’s expression pales. Then she’s quick to the chase.

“Marriage or abdication? What if I find a 3rd way?”
         Selena makes a statement before her husband can. It consoles Nova.

“Then do it. You’re different. Do whatever you have too. Just restore balance. Restore Statera to normal” Nova nods and gathers up her dress. She walks into the stables and saddles a horse before riding to the tree. From a good distance, away she can see Ava sitting under the tree, reading a book and…crying.

“AVA?” Nova dismounts and runs to Ava. She wraps her arms around her and kisses her brow. Ava keeps crying.

“What’s the matter?” Ava shakes her head and cries.

“I am to be married. I heard my parents. They’re plotting to overthrow you. If you don’t marry, if you don’t change. You’ll be exiled.”

Nova smiles and kisses Ava’s brow. Ava furrows her brow and weakly asks.

“Why are you smiling about being exiled? If you get exiled…I don’t know what I’d do.”

Nova grins and then kisses Ava before mounting on her horse and riding back to the palace. She has a plan. She’s going to keep the crown.

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