Power Pals 4- Victoria

At school, the girls have to keep their secret but it gets hard when Hope, Dawn and Kelly find a villain to fight. Her name, Victoria.


2. What emerged from the fire?

'Victoria is on Moon street, ' Swift said looking on his three monitors and tapping letters on his keyboard.

'Let's go, ' Hope said. Even if you didn't know her you could see by her expression and her clenched fists that she was angry. Very,  very angry. She was almost shivering with anger. 

Dawn splashed her was water from her hand to calm her down. 

Hope took a few deep breaths and calmed down. 

'Okay I want Dawn,  Hope,  Kelly and John to go,  girls try your best, I'll come with you four and Swift keep an eye on the street,' Sensei Kay said, 'let's go.' All 5 of them walked out and Swift said inside the house. Hope went onto the bike she "borrowed."


'Could my super hero name be Flame?'

'Sure but Flame, Victoria will know who you are with your bike,' Sensei Kay pointed out. 

'It's not my bike,  I took it from school,' Hope said, she was now on the bike ready to go. 

'Oh so you stole it, ' Sensei Kay and John said.

'What did I say?' Dawn said, smiling thinking when she said that before. 

'Like I said before no,  I borrowed it, ' she looked at everyone who was looking at her, 'I'm going to give it back, ' Hope said. 

They all ran except Hope who cycled to Mon street. Hope got of the bike and leant it against a building. 

'Hey you,  you in the fire suite. Did you steal Mia's bike? ' Victoria asked walking towards Hope. 

'No, I_' Hope stopped and mumbled 'oh no.'

'What?' Dawn asked.

'Do you know who's bike I stole,  I mean borrowed,' Hope asked.  Dawn shook her head and the other three tried to hear. 

'It's Mia's. Mia is Victoria's best friend,  almost sidekick if you asked me. '

Victoria looked a little annoyed and angry. Her brunette hair stuck up and get eyes looked annoyed. 'Are you listening, I asked you a question.'

'I'm listening and I didn't steal her bike Victoria,' Hope said. 

Victoria said ' okay, ' floated up and talked in a strange language. 

A fire was created on the grass,  a large fire. 

'Step back, ' Sensei said, holding his hand in front of his team. The fire started getting bigger but mainly taller. 

'Run,' Sensei Kay said, but only Dawn and Kelly ran. Hope walked to the bike but hesitated pedaling away. She looked behind and saw something about to emerge from the fire, that's when Hope predefined away, but after a half a minute Hope heard a bang. Wondering what the bang was,  Hope cycled to Sensei's house where she found Dawn and Kelly catching their breath and Swift on his computer taping the keyboard but the street wasn't on the monitors anymore instead there was a code he was writing.

'what was that thing that emerged from the fire, and what was that bang?' Hope asked. 

'Bang?' Dawn and Kelly didn't hear the bang. 

'I don't know and I don't know, ' said Swift answering the questions. 

Kay and John walked in while Hope looked at her watch. 

Almost instantly Hope said 'oh no,  it's two o'clock, it's nearly end of lunch, I've got drama next,' Hope said, ' come on Dawn and Kelly.'

'bye,' Kelly said waving as she ran out. 

'see you on the weekend, ' Dawn said running out.

Hope got on the bike and cycled back to school as Dawn and Kelly ran. 

'Taking a random bike from school seems pretty good now doesn't it,' Hope said. 

When they got to school,  Hope put the bike on the bike rack and ran with Dawn and Kelly through the bushes onto school property. They all went to the nearest toilet trying to make sure no one saw them running though the hall. 

Out of their mini box they took their school clothes and their bags out. And they changed to school uniform ready for their last lesson.

The time was ten past two and they ran to their lessons, all of them were at their lessons on time but some questions spirled around like where were you? But some people realised that they weren't at the medical room. Dawn and Hope weren't popular so no one actually wondered so badly that they joined the dots but some how Kelly's popularity didn't catch up to all of the dots meaning,  their secret was still a secret...

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