Power Pals 4- Victoria

At school, the girls have to keep their secret but it gets hard when Hope, Dawn and Kelly find a villain to fight. Her name, Victoria.


3. Meditating, writing and the DVD

Knock,  knock,  knock. 

Sensei Kay open the door to Hope, Dawn, Kelly, Swift and John.

'I'm ready for the sleepover,' Hope said, walking through the open door along with the rest. Hope sat on the sofa and put her bag on the floor. 

Dawn sat next to Hope and Kelly next to her. On the other sofa, Swift, John and Kelly.

'Could this be my seat it's really woah, you have The Big Bang Theory season 11.' Hope said,  moving from her seat,  looking at the shelf and taking out a DVD case named 'Big Bang Theory: season 11.'

'Yeah, do you want to watch it?' Kay said. 

Hope responded with a nod and John said,  ' I love that program can I watch it with you?' Hope nodded again while looking around the case. 

'Could I talk to Swift, you have a hidden talent with your power,' Kay said,  'the rest of you be sensible but do something you want to do and talk to me if you need anything. And to get to your room slide the white circle on your bobbles across the white square right next to your door to your room,  your the only one that can get in.'

Dawn and Kelly took books out of their bags and started reading. Kay and Swift walked to the garden and started meditating. Meanwhile Hope and John ran upstairs to their rooms. Hope was amazed with her room so was John with his when they got their door open first try. Hope's room had paintings of a moving, roaring fire and her bed planket and pillows had a picture of a fire. She could sense a theme. 

In John's room there was an illusion on the wall,  when you move in the room the painted boxes on the wall moved up and down. He didn't know if it was an illusion or magic,  his bed sheets had a picture of pile of dirt and rocks on different levels on the left they were on the floor and the more to the right of the sheets the more they got higher and higher. The pillows were just a picture of the blue sky. 

Each room had a black TV in which had no patterns on it,  all of them were just black. 

There was a knock on the door. 'Hey John I've got the program, ' Hope said through the door after putting her bag next to her bed in her room. Her door was closed,  she checked just before John's door opened. 

'Ready to watch Big Bang Theory? ' Hope said,  so excited,  'I think season 11 is the best so far. Woah, your room is cool. '

John let her in, Hope put the first disk in and they both  sat on opposite sides of the bed. John was on the top of the bed and Hope was at the bottom. But little did they know what would happen next would affect their lives in a bad way,  forever...

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