Power Pals 4- Victoria

At school, the girls have to keep their secret but it gets hard when Hope, Dawn and Kelly find a villain to fight. Her name, Victoria.


1. Emergency!

'I have maths next, you?' Hope said to Dawn and Izzy. Izzy was a friend of Hope and Dawn. Hope and Dawn hung out with them at break and lunch.

'I have English and so does Izzy,' Dawn said.

'Okay we've got 5 minutes, let's go to lesson,' Hope said,  walking to her lesson. She manged to get their when her bobble buzzed. 

'Code: red. Need you all to come here, NOW.' Sensei said through the bobble. 

Hope was thinking of a way out of maths. She coughed and again and had a coughing fit,  suffering to get water out her bag. After she drank some water she asked if she could go to the medical room. 

The teacher said 'yes.'

Hope smiled,  walked out of the room and as soon as she was out of sight,  she ran down the stairs,  into the toilet, where she got changed into her fire outfit. 

Hope ran out of the building when she found Dawn and Kelly running with her,  but they ran faster than her. Hope stopped,  feeling already out of breath,  looked to the right and found a few bikes. Quickly,  Hope ran to the bikes and cycled the way to Sensei Kay's place. She got a head of Kelly and Dawn and they all got to Kay's place 5 minutes later.

'Did you steal that bike, ' Dawn asked. 

'No, I borrowed it, ' Hope said, leaning the bike on Kay's fence,  ' I'm going to give it back.'

Hope, Dawn and Kelly walked together to the front door,  panting. 

Dawn knocked,  and again. Kay opened the door, the girls came in and Kay quickly closed it. 

'You know you can open the door with your bobble, just put the small white circle on your bobble to the small white circle right next to the door,' Kay said. 

'Emergency,  Victoria is still being mean to people.'

'Victoria as in that person at school I hate!' Hope said. 

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