The Tale Of Isabella

Isabella boundaries of life were little since she had been raised in the orphanage her whole life. But ever since she was little, she knew where she wanted to go when she turned eighteen. The forests where all the other creatures lived, and she had a dream of peace with them. She knew there would be hardships, but she was ready. The girl even figures out about her past and her true self. This is the tale of Isabella.


4. Chapter Four

Aalam woke up the sound of horses and a wagon moving. He was frightened at first thinking the humans had gotten him. That’s when chestnut colored hair caught his eyes. He sighed in relief. Isabella of course heard this.

“ Good morning Aalam.”

“ Morning Isabella.”

Aalam secretly liked hearing her saying his name. It just made it sound sweet.

“ So where are we off too?”

Isabella asked him. He was caught off guard by this question. After all, she was the one stirring the horse.

“ In all honesty, I need to go home. Only there will I be able to heal, but that would be suicide for-“

“ Off we go then. How do we get there?”

“ You didn’t let me finish my sentence. It would be the death of you Isabella, so it’s out of the question.”

“ Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.”

Aalam sighed. The girl had determination, he could say that at least. He didn’t understand how she could smile so brightly even though she’s already in danger, and she’s even putting herself into even more trouble.

“ Fine. But you cannot under any circumstances enter my territory. My kind will tear you to shreds.”

“ They can’t be that bad. I mean look at you. All you’ve shown me kindness Aalam.”

“ I’m different from my kind, ok? I don’t like to cause harm unless I have too. It seems like the most rational solution. I would consider me as ‘nice’ though. You don’t know what all I’ve done...”

It for silent. Aalam became worried that he spoke of too much. Is she afraid of him now? He’s not sure why, but it bothered him if she did.

“ Do you consider me nice Aalam?”

Aalam wasn’t expecting that, but he immediately answered.

“ Of course! You’re risking your own life to get me back to my territory!”

“ You think this even though you witnessed what I did last night?”

Now Aalam really wasn’t expecting that. Isabella kept her back turned away from him. He saw her form shake from the memory.

“ Yes Isabella...”

“ Then were in the same boat.”

She turned back and once again seemed all cheery. Aalam just smiled back at her. He then told her to head towards the mountains.

“ That’s where I live.”

Isabella looked at the mountains. That was so far away. Oh well. She’s been wanting to have an adventure.

Isabella and Aalam went off hoping not to have too much trouble on the way. Isabella began to ask what was it was like in his territory and his culture.

“ I’m not sure if I should tell you that.”

“ Well, since you’re so secretive, I’ll tell you about mine. I lived in a little village towards the east side of the forest. I lived in an orphanage-“

“ What’s an orphanage?”

“ It’s place where kids with no parents go, or their parents just didn’t want them. I’ve never got adopted, so I had to stay there my whole life until I turned eighteen. It wasn’t bad though. I had a nice room, and I enjoyed the children that came along with me. They were great company. We also had a garden which I started taking care of a couple years back. They’re two separate garden. One for the vegetables and fruits. Another one for the flowers. Roses are my favorites by the way. Occasionally, I read in from free time. If you would like, I could teach you how to read in our language if you don’t already.”

Aalam just smiled as she continued talking about her life with the humans. That’s when a grumbling noise interrupted her. She grabbed at her stomach high embarrassed. Aalam just gave a slight chuckle.

“ Are you hungry Isabella?”

“ I’m afraid s-so.”

“ Well, then we must stop. You can’t starve yourself to death.”

Isabella looked around. Where could she possibly find a food source? She saw a river in the distance.

“ Is their nymps in their?”

“ One of Archelous’s rivers? No. He doesn’t like nymps very much. Why?”

“ Do you think he would mind me going fishing much?”

“ Unless you want a horrible death.”

Isabella thought long and hard. The more she looked at it, the more she wanted to jump in. She finally gave in and promised Aalam it won’t take long.

“ Don’t be a fool Isabella!”

Isabella got off her horse and head towards the water. Aalam repeatedly yelled in the background begging for her to come back. She continued until she was at the very edge. She turned back and gave a slight wave before jumping in. What Isabella noticed at first how strangely quiet the water was. Isabella is not sure how she can possibly say that when water doesn’t make a noise in the first place. She looked around seeing multiple species of fish. With speed, she started grabbing throwing them up on the shore. Aalam watched nervously from a distance.

“ That should be enough.”

Isabella was about jump out of the water when something grabbed on her wrists. She whipped her head around to see a bearded man staring down at her with cold eyes. They were a dull purple. For an old man, he had strength for you tried get away but failed.

“ Are you Archelous?”

Isabella asked. The man nodded. He then brought his face close to yours making you want to back away.

“ Who are you?”

“ My name is Isabella.”

“ Are you a nymph?”

“ I don’t think so sir.”

“ What do you mean by you don’t think so?”

“ I was raised by humans, but it seems I have some magical ability. I never knew my parents, so I can’t tell you sir.”

“ I see...”

It became horribly awkward then. That’s when he finally let go of your wrist. You took this chance and swam away. Archelous let you go free knowing what you were the minute he laid eyes on you. You exited the waters falling to your knees. Why do you feels so drained and heavy now? You stayed there on your side trying to regulate your breathing. Two stony arms wrapped around you pulling you into a lap. Aalam held Isabella close listening to her heartbeat making sure It was still beating a a steady pace.

“ Are you ok miss?”

“ You shouldn’t.. be out of the wagon.”

“ And you shouldn’t of done something so stupid.”

Aalam scolded Isabella. She just turned her head to the side embarrassed. She was also confused though. He didn’t hurt her or anything, but she felt horrible.

“ Wait a minute... where did that dress come from?”

Aalam touched the silk gown. It was a dark blue and long. Lace covered the underneath. It cut off right past her shoulders. He also noticed a pearl necklace that was hung on Isabella’s neck along with a matching pearl crown.

“ Did he try to... sway you Isabella?”

Isabella cupped his cheek seeing his worried look. He once again lean into her grace and delicacy. She just smiled to see his expression softened.

“ No Aalam. He did not. I think he was just very generous. I’m feeling better now. We should go ahead and cook the fish.”

“ Ok Isabella.”

He smiled showing some sharp teeth. Isabella of course wasn’t scared. I’m Aalam, all she saw was a kind soul.

She got up making a fire and soon started roasting large bass on a rod Aalam fount. He is slowly gaining his strength. He can crawl, but he’s embarrassed of it. He also has to be careful of his injuries. Isabella was scared of the cracks going further down his body.

Once well fed, they then went back on their path towards the mountains. They didn’t know, but there was eyes on them at all times. Especially because of the fairies. Word got soon got around she killed for the gargoyle, but by using her voice. Rumors have gotten around about what she truly was. At first, they thought she was a fairy herself, but then witnesses reported that she survived Archelous River . Anyone who falls in there is surely doomed. Then the word that Archelous has gifted the girl with a crown and a grand gown. This is considered a blessing from a god which could bring bad luck on whoever touches her. Word spread fast towards the different sections and to the Elders who’s not sure how to feel about it. Aalam secretly had a feeling that this was happening. He had pushed it into the back of his head though trying to focus on the now and not the later.

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