2. Chapter One: What. The Actual. Fuck.

I was sitting at a downtown ice cream shop with my friend Bella when strange things began happening to us... My name's Anya-Marie Solovieff, my friends know me as Anya because Marie is more of a... middle name so to speak, and then, of course, Solovieff is my last name. I sat eating my ice cream a little faster than usual. Through this week weird things had been already happening to me, plus the normal stress of midterm exams, of course, I wouldn't tell my friends about this, I would hate to worry them. Anyway, back to my ice cream. Bella turned to me and raised an eyebrow,

"Is everything alright, Anya?" I snapped out of my trance before realizing a massive brain freeze just kicked in from out of nowhere. 

"AGGHHHHH" I shouted in agony holding my head. "Brain. Freeze. God. Dammit. Fuck. Me." A bunch of people turned and stared at me as the last two words escaped my mouth. "What the hell are you cuntwaffles looking at... Fucking dicktits." Bella rolled her eyes as she knew I had a bad swearing habit. All of a sudden time slowed down and I felt myself slowing as well. Bella quickly dragged me out of the ice cream shop.

"We've gotta get out of here." I nodded in agreement and we began running. We passed a pet shop where I saw a bunch of cats in cages in the window. I stopped.

"AWWWWW KITTY!!" As soon as that came out I went to look at Bella and she seemed a lot bigger all of a sudden. She raised an eyebrow. "Now why the fuck are you looking at ME weird now?" I groaned. She tried to grab at me, my natural reaction, for some reason, was to bite her. 

"OWWE, WHY'D YOU BITE ME?!" I simply stuck my nose in the air and walked away. Obviously, she doesn't know the first thing about trying to grab at other people, especially when she reached basically at my crotch.

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