Saving Her

Gaara was alone for most of his childhood. Except for the one friend he had. She was more than a friend to him. She moved away but he still remembers her. He soon finds out from Naruto that she is in trouble. WIll he save her in time? WIll he find the love that he lost when she moved away?


2. Today

I walk around my room, pacing more like. My brother, Kankuro, walked in. "Dude, you have work to do." I looked at him. "I told Temari to take care of the paperwork. I may be the Kazekage, but even I need to rest from sitting at a desk." I went back to my thoughts. "Are you thinking about that girl again?" I looked at him in surprise. "How do you know? And for the last time, her name is Inari." Kankuro just shrugged and walked out of the room. I followed him out into the main room of the house. "What is the news for today?" Kankuro turned around and faced me. "Nothing new, just Naruto wanted to see you. He says that there is something he wants to talk about." I turned towards him. "Where is he right now?" "He is waiting for you back at the Leaf Village." I looked at him confused. "Back at the Leaf Village?" "Yeah. He told someone to tell you that he will be waiting for you at the Leaf Village. I am not sure what he wants to talk about but it seemed important. I suggest that you go find out what he wants." I nodded and walked out the door. I walked towards the building where the Kazekage, me, spends most of his time doing paperwork and going through files. I stopped in front of the door and looked up at the top of the building. I looked back down and walked in the door. I walk down the long halls towards my office. I walk into my office and my sister, Temari, looked up at me. "Oh, hey Gaara. Do you need something?" I looked at her. "No, just came to tell you that I am heading out to the Leaf Village to meet up with Naruto. Kankuro said that he had something important to tell me." She nodded. "Ok. I will take care of things here while you are gone." I nodded then left the building. I walked to the gate of the village and realized that I was going alone. I shrugged. I didn't mind going alone. I left the village running into the horizon as I started my trip to Konoha.

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