Saving Her

Gaara was alone for most of his childhood. Except for the one friend he had. She was more than a friend to him. She moved away but he still remembers her. He soon finds out from Naruto that she is in trouble. WIll he save her in time? WIll he find the love that he lost when she moved away?


1. Inari Kuga

She was my best friend, but I felt closer to her than that.  Some might say I was in love with her. She had long, wavy, white hair. She had blood red eyes, which made everyone fear her. She was feared as a child, same as me. She was almost killed by her parents, as was I. We were always together from the day we met. When she was scared she would cling to me, hanging onto my arm and hiding behind me. She always wanted to be near me. She is the one person who didn't leave my side when I lost everything I loved. She wasn't scared of me, despite the fact that I have a demon inside of me. She never minded my sand. She always played with my sand. She was the one person I trusted. Without her, I don't think that I would be the way I am today. But eventually, we all lose everything that we care about. I did. I lost everything, even her. She moved away to another village under orders from her parents. I don't what happened to her. I was left with one picture of her wearing my jacket. She will forever be with me in my heart. She is Inari Kuga.

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