Trust Is A Funny Word

Bad decisions...we all make them it’s part of our nature, sometimes we don’t even understand we are making a bad decision until later.
Whether it’s not doing something in time, saying something to someone, or even not saying anything, we still regret it later, that’s why they are called bad decisions.


3. Sometimes it’s better to listen to you head

C3: Sometimes it’s better to listen to your head

The first thing I did when I got home was check my phone. Nothing. No notifications. No messages. No him. The voice in my head actually laughed at that, it laughed because I thought just for a second that I wasn’t such a joke anymore, and that somebody, a guy....him, could actually like me. It was probably some kind of a cruel prank, although I never thought that she, one of my friends would do something like that. And I would have been beating myself up about it for longer, if as if on cue, i got a text.


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