Natasha: What Is True Love? Book II

Read about Natasha and her adventures. The friends she meets from the past to present. The battles of her past coming to the light. What will happen next?

For now, I will make the book of Natasha Book Two for now. I will make Book One after I am done.
I will have a few side stories such as Teru's Past and Jeremy's Back Story.
*Note: Teru's Past has a little sexual reference.


14. Side Story: Teru's Past Part Four

Excuse me this young man is an employee here and you have to talk to the lady of this house. Eri replied. I see that he is being mistreated and he can not read or write. Miki replied. I also know what you are making him do. Hey is there anything going on here? Ayame asked. Yes, this young woman just said that she wanted to buy this employee. Eri asked. Well, I don't blame her if he comes with her, he will live his life to the fullest. Ayame replied. What is going on here? Kiioribara asked. Well, this young lady wants to buy our best employee. Eri replied. Who the hell thinks they can take him? Kiirobara asked. Hi young lady, I am sorry but he is not for sale. Kiiroibara replied. Well looking at his facial expression tell another story. Every time my friend come here we see him spaced out as if he is thinking about leaving. Miki replied. Is that what you think? Kiiroibara asked. Don't let her intimidate you, alright. Miki replied. I want to leave here. I hate killing the woman she hates and envies. I replied. The wait is this when you make your declaration that you are leaving? Yuu replied. Shut up and let me finish. I replied. What are you talking about? Kiiroibara asked. Well, I was the woman who got him punished. Rie replied. I felt relieved I got it off my chest. I thought. That is a perfect reason right there. Miki replied. Ayame and Miki what is taking you so long? Just get him out the jealous and malicious woman. Hisui replied. Call her by her formal title. Rie replied. She said we all can call her by her name. Hisui replied.Hey, Hisui I am glad you are here. That bitch won't let him leave without a fight. Ayame replied. Is that so? Hisui asked. Ayame and Hisui ran and started fighting the people. I felt like I need to help. I thought. I ran punched the floor. Everything shock and the windows broke from the vibration of his punch. I knew my prediction was right he is part of the prophecy. Miki replied. Yes, I see that he has the strength over a thousand men combined. He is the Titan of Destruction "Perses". Have I destroyed the floor, Miki bought me and I lived my life in the service of Miki. I replied. As we were leaving, she told me she is the princess of the kingdom. My name if Princess Miki but you can call me Miki if you desire. You are nameless, aren't you? Miki replied. I know a name that will fit perfectly, Teru will be your name. Miki replied. What does Teru mean Shine or Bright? I don't know but it fits you for some reason. Miki replied. Let's give you the last name too. Miki replied. Now my lady lets calm down your excitement alright. Well, starting today you are one of the "Pillars to Protect the Sovereign". You are Perses the Titan of Destruction. Rie replied. That girl from earlier is named Artemis the Archer. You will meet Ares the God of War, Bellona, the Goddess of War and Zephyrus of the Southern Wind. Rie replied. Uh, all you are either criminals of a serious crime or thieves. Rie replied.

Even though Rie hated me for some strange reason. I respected her in a sense. I replied. Well, that is my story leading up to meeting Asuka, Hisui, Kagura, and Yuu. I replied. Weren't wait shy and afraid of Hisui? Yuu replied. I do not fear Hisui she can just be a little intimidating at times.I replied. Hisui jumped on my back. Hey Casanova what were you talking about? Hisui asked. How I meet you crazy ass and you gained weight. I replied. Hisui punched me in the side. Well, you had that coming. Here is that cake you ordered. You're so insensitive. Hisui pouted want walked out. I know she bruised me badly. I replied. Wait she bruised? She didn't look like she punched that hard. Ume replied. It is because she has supernatural strength. I replied. All your sister have the supernatural strength they considered as the Empresses of War. Yuu replied. Seriously they sound freaking awesome. Yuki replied. Yeah awesome to you, we had to deal daily harassment from these girls. Yuu replied. Not awesome. I replied.
This is the end of Teru Past Part Four.
See you next time.
Thanks for reading.  

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