Melting the Beast

Naya Risu is a new student at Konoha High School. She wants to survive the year without trouble. But trouble might be unavoidable. She meets many friends, including the greatly feared "beast" Gaara.


13. After the After Party

By the time we get to the house, I am already half asleep. Gaara leads me into the house and up to his room. He tells me to sit on his bed and then goes back outside. He returns with a bag. I look at him with a questioning look. "What is in there?" He smiled. "You will find out in a minute. Now close your eyes." I closed my eyes. I felt something hit the bed. "You can open your eyes now." I opened my eyes to find a very large pile of Beanie Boos on the bed. I squealed. "Oh, My Gosh!!!!!!" Right at the top of the pile was the little pit bull pup named Marcel. I grabbed him off the pile and hugged him tightly. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Gaara smile. I dropped Marcel and went over to Gaara. I gave him a huge hug. When I realized what I was doing, I hesitated and the started to unwrap my arms from around him. But he stopped me and hugged me back. It surprised me a little, although not that much considering what happened earlier in the day. I tensed up at first but slowly relaxed. He tightened his grip and hugged me closer. I rested my head against his chest hesitantly. When he didn't push me away I relaxed this rest of the way. I closed my eyes and focused on the sound of his heartbeat. I started to drift off to sleep. I felt him shake me softly. "Let's go sit down." I nodded sleepily and sat down on the bed next to him. I leaned against him. I grabbed Marcel and closed my eyes. I soon fell asleep leaning against Gaara.

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