Being LANDON - ORIGINAL book 1 -

Landon was in the fifth grade. Then he was in middle school. Then High school. Finally college. Adulthood. The events that led up to it all is right here.

(Book 1 - Being series -)


Author's note

Just so you know, Landon's life starts when he is in the fifth grade - Each age ranges from 5-10 chapters. I hope you enjoy this!

4. Chapter 2:

Last night, I can’t believe it was real. Daddy hit mommy, and I stood and watched. I watched like a total idiot! Mommy needed my help! I know she did! Last night, Lulu didn’t know what else happened after she left. When daddy threw me into her room last night, she just kept asking what daddy did. Of course, me being the better brother, I decided to just not tell her. It’s for the best.

               I know I normally have trouble knowing what to do – but for some reason, not telling Lulu felt right. Lulu and I are walking to the bus stop. I’m wearing my casual coat because it’s chill in the mornings. Lulu has on bubblegum pink earmuffs, a dark green coat, and purple polka dot leggings. She usually dresses better...but mommy wasn’t there.

“Why are you looking at me weird?” She asks, scrunching her tiny nose a bit.

“Your outfit – it’s just not matching.”

“My outfit is totally matching!”

“Okay – whatever you say,” I mumble. I don’t want her to continue talking.

               She smirks and looks up with a smile. I notice that she waves at someone and my eyes direct to where she’s waving. It was Abe.

“HEY! Abe over here!” She shouts. Abe looks up from his book – wait a book?

               Abe looks up at us with worried eyes. Last night couldn’t have made him comfortable in any way. My dad yelled at him to get out and daddy was drunk. That’s what mommy used to say daddy was all the time. “A drunk.” Abe made his way over to us both.

“Hi...” He murmurs. Abe’s brown eyes instantly turn to the page of his book he was reading.

“Whatchya readin?” Lulu asks, standing on her tippy toes to see into his book.

“A book.”

“What kind of book?” I add, genuinely confused. Abe was not a reader. Matter of fact, Abe’s never touched a book in his life.

“Just a pamphlet –“

               I noticed that Abe was sad today. This wasn’t so normal. Usually, Abe is bubbly, funny, kind, and outgoing. Today he’s – reading. He shut a book and shoved it under his arm. The cover was dark green like Lulu’s coat.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, trying to catch his eye. He sniffles and looks at me. Lulu was in-between us and we were looking over her dark head.

“Last night – what happened at –“I cut him off and widen my eyes nodding at Lulu. That was me signalling for him to use code words about the situation, so she doesn’t have a clue what went down.

“Last night when we ate dinner – the food was bitter.”

“About that food, look I am so sorry!”

“What did mommy cook it wrong?” Lulu asks, stating that she was clearly listening. Abe and I look at each other, then down at her.

“Very.” I say, “The pot roast was a little drunk.”

“I don’t understand why the pot roast had to be so drunk!” Abe exclaims, slamming his arms by his side again. The book made a thumping noise.

“THE POT ROAST WAS DRUNK?!” Lulu asks in a concerned tone again. I cut my throat with my hand and Abe shakes his head.

“Lulu just be quiet, please?”

“Landon! Abe is being rude!”

“Lulu, this is big kid talk,” I say, shushing her with my finger.

“Not fair!”

               Eventually, Lulu, Abe and I reach the bus stop corner. There were loads of kids standing on the edge of the block just waiting for a bus. All I want to do is just clear the images from last night out of my mind. Abe pulls out his book – pamphlet out again and reads. Lulu kicks at rocks beneath her feet. Everyone else just stands or chats with their friends.

               Everything was going normally until I felt something. The sun was flashing back and forth on my face. Light a reflective light. I wince a bit and Lulu looks up at me. We both evert our attention to a car just across the street. Mommy’s car. Abe notices her car and sprints over to her before we do.

“My goodness Lu, what are you wearing?” She chuckles, kissing her forehead. Mommy stays in the car and we talk to her through her window.

“Daddy told me to dress myself. Where did you go?!” She asks. Mommy gulps and just kisses her again.

“Why did you leave?” I ask again. Her eyes start to slowly water and she kisses my forehead. Her lips were soft like a pillow.

“Listen, you can’t say anything about me being here, okay?”

“Why not?” Abe questions. Mommy looked at Abe and began to tear up even more. She pulled his chest onto the window and hugged and kissed him. More love than Lulu and I.

“I am so sorry honey – I didn’t want this to be this way! You shouldn’t have stayed for dinner, I didn’t want him to  be there like that – or touch you like that...”

“It’s okay Mrs. White. It’s worse at home.”

“Mommy – what did daddy do to Abe?” Lulu asks again. Mommy just looked at her and purses her lips.

“Okay, you guys can’t let anyone know that I was here. I just wanted to tell you guys that I love you and I will always be with you.”

“Will you be here again?!” I ask eagerly, chasing her slowly driving car.

“I’ll try my best honey.”

               The yellow bus began to turn the corner. I could hear the wheels screeching as it came to a stop. Mommy pushed us out of the way and drove off. She drove off real fast too. We all wave. Lulu pouts her bottom lip and Abe rests his arm on her shoulders, walking away. I keep looking at mommy’s car. I keep looking until she finally drives away. Out of sight. I run after Abe and Lulu. The three of us climb aboard and sit way in the back.


Then, we sit there speechless.


    As we arrive at school, Lulu and I had to split while Abe came with me. Lulu was in the fourth grade while Abe and I were in 5th - well starting. This year, Abe and I would be in the basement of the school. That’s where all of the fifth graders go. Our feet make loud thumping noises that echo within the walls as we storm down the stair steps.

“Landon?” Abe says, stopping me in my tracks.


“Are we just going to forget about last night?”

“What do you mean?” I start to walk forward towards Mr Anderson’s classroom and Abe follows slightly behind me.

“Your dad did some horrible things. I want to tell someone.”

    I choke on my own spit. I know that daddy did bad things. I also know that he made mommy leave. For all I know, she may have left for good. But there is just one thing about this that I don’t want anyone to know.

“Abe, I don’t know…”

“Landon!” Abe exclaims, getting slightly more aggressive. He pulls me into a narrow corner where no one can see us. His somewhat big hands are on both of my shoulders. “Your dad abused me - or at least tried. I know we can fix everything, get your mom back, get your life back -”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea!” I shout, drawing slight attention towards us. People start to slow down and look into the narrow corner. Abe and I just smile nervously and eventually, they leave.

“There’s this thing my mom told me about this thing called a restraining order -”

“YOU TOLD     YOUR MOM?!” I whisper-shout, letting my emotions fly out everywhere.

“No - and keep your voice down!” Abe shushes me as the bell rings, “Look, we have to get to class, but really, you should think about the situation. Do you want your happy family back, or for your family to get worse.”

    Abe brushes off my shoulder with his hands and gives me a stern look before signalling me to walk with him. The situation is serious. I just don’t want any problems for Lulu and I. She’s just so little and I’m big. She won’t understand something like this.

    Abe and I walk into a rainbow-coloured classroom with rows and rows of desks. There were no windows because we were in a basement, but there was a fire escape. At the front of the classroom was a tall black man with wired small glasses. His outfit consisted of a light purple shirt and grey dress pants. I took a seat behind Ellie Anderson. Her dad was the teacher.

“Hello.” He says as he scans everyone around me, “My name is Mr Anderson.”

“Also my dad!” Ellie exclaims in a perky voice. Ellie had her hair in multiple little braids and she was wearing a pink dress with a pink bow.

“Yes - Ellie is my daughter.” He agrees, smiling down at her then back up at the class, “I will be your 5th-grade teacher this year. You all seem so quiet and very calm. I should probably tell you a little bit about myself.” He chuckles.

“I am old - but I won’t say how old. I have two kids, Nayellie - who goes by Ellie, and Jonas, but he’s a couple grade older than you guys.”

    As he keeps talking, I decide to glance around the room. From examining this classroom, I can tell that Mr Anderson loves rainbows and unicorns. He has a rainbow theme everything in here. Even our name tags on our desk have a rainbow on it. I don’t know how I feel about the rainbow. Glancing around some more, I notice Abe getting up to blow his nose. He walks over to the side cabinet that is filled with pictures. Abe catches my eye and just blows his nose with a nod creating this monstrous noise of snot, winding the paper.

    Abe smiles at the noise of his snot and I notice something behind him. It was pictures of Mr Anderson and his family. Actually, I’m not sure if it is his family because he’s with another man - a white man. There were professional pictures of him, the man, Ellie, and another white boy a couple years older than us. I hear snickers behind me. As I turn around, I see Douglas Evans whispering to his friends and pointing at the cabinet pictures. He noticed too.

“Any questions?” Mr Anderson says, clapping his delicate hands together and looking around the room. I could feel Doug’s lightly tanned hand shoot for the sky behind me. Mr Anderson calls on Doug.

“Who’s that man in all of your photos?” He asks, pointing his finger at the cabinet. Abe quietly excuses himself from that area of the classroom and throws away his tissue. Ellie aggressively looks at Mr Anderson and he looks at her. A smile still on his face.

“That’s my husband.”

    Husband? Did he just say that white man was his husband? That’s not possible. My parents are male and woman, so are Abe’s parents. I glance over at Abe who has his forehead crinkled. I turn around at Doug once again, to see him snickering to his friends. Ellie stands up and shouts at him.

“Hey - it’s nothing to snicker about Doug!”

“What? It’s just weird.” He states clearly, letting no emotion flow through his expression.

“It’s not weird, it’s completely normal! A lot of people marry the same gender!” Ellie growls at Doug. I notice that he flinches a little.

“Is too weird!”

“Is not!”

“Then why are my parents a boy and a girl -”

    A loud thump comes from the beginning of the classroom. All of our eyes evert to the center. Mr Anderson slams a textbook on his desk. He takes off his glasses and cleans them with his shirt, revealing a slight tan line of his face. As he puts them back on, he looks up and smiles.

“Douglas, a lot of people have different interests and mine just doesn’t happen to be the majority.” He looks around and nods. Everyone else nods in return. “Good, now time for roll call.”

“Nayelli - I know she’s here.” He says. Ellie smiles and waves anyway. Sometimes I feel like she’s a suck up.

“Douglas Evans. We all know he’s here.” He peers over at Doug and smiles. I can’t see Doug’s reaction because I’m tired of turning around.

    After a few more names, he eventually says,

“Aliana Hu?” He scans the room. The small dark-haired, pale skin Asian girl beside me smiles. I smile at her too.

“I prefer Ali.”

“Alrighty.” He marks something down on his checklist and moves on.

    As he continues reading off names, I can feel Abe nervously breathing. Everyone else has normal names, but then there’s Abe -

“Abraham Lincoln?” Mr Anderson says as he looks up with bright amusement in his eyes, “What a fascinating name!”

“It’s Abe.” He says with a groan. It always bothers Abe when someone calls him, “Abraham” because of the 16th president. It’s always something he gets teased for.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Abe.”

“Mhm…” I hear him mumble from his crossed arms on his desk.

    After just a couple more kids in class, I can feel my name about to creep up on his lip. Within about twenty seconds, Mr Anderson finally speaks up with my name.

“Landon White?”

“Here!” I shout perkily. He just nods and moves on. What? No special, “Nice to meet you” sort of thing? I wish I had Abe’s real name.

“Lani Winston?”

    Suddenly, I hear a quiet voice from the back of the class - not too far from Doug, say, “Here.” As I turn around, I see an unfamiliar blonde girl that is very skinny. She’s got glasses that are plastic, and eyes so big, it was kind of scary.

“You’re new, correct?” Anderson asks, drawing more attention towards her.


“Why not introduce yourself?” He signals for her to stand. I watch at Lani stand up and clasp her hand together below her waist. She was looking at her feet - which consisted of pink sparkly flip-flops.

“My name is Lani Winston. I’m 10 years old...I uhm - I moved here from Council Grove Kansas and I have a pet seahorse named Diana.” She finished everything she was saying without taking a single look up at any of us. She quickly sits back down and tried to avoid eye contact.

“Well class, let’s welcome our new friend!”



A/N: HEY GUYS! CHAPTER 2 IS OUT AND IT TOOK ME 300 YEARS! Anyway, please let me know what you think :)


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