Being LANDON - ORIGINAL book 1 -

Landon was in the fifth grade. Then he was in middle school. Then High school. Finally college. Adulthood. The events that led up to it all is right here.

(Book 1 - Being series -)


Author's note

Just so you know, Landon's life starts when he is in the fifth grade - Each age ranges from 5-10 chapters. I hope you enjoy this!

3. Chapter 1:

 I guess I’m the type of person who thinks outside of the box. Well at least that’s what my mom tells me. My mind is full of different imaginations and plots that most couldn’t ever imagine. My mind has so much imagination, even my friend Abe can’t compete.

As of right now, Abe and I are swinging on the swings of the playground right across the street from my house. It is cold and slightly breezy. Abe was wearing a striped red and white scarf around his neck, along with a big brown coat the match his hair and a monkey beanie. I was dressed similar, but wearing a koala beanie instead.

“So, what do you think, Landon?” Abe asks me. I turn my head at him while swinging up and down on the set.

“So, what do I think of what?” I ask, genuinely confused.

“You know, going into the fifth grade.”

“Oh - that.” I evert my eyes towards the sand ahead of me and launch myself off onto the ground. My shins splint, and Abe jumps off too.

    We both stood up and dust ourselves off as we proceed to stand in line for the slides. I can feel sand in my shoe crumbling beneath my feet. Abe shoves his tiny hands into his coat pocket and continues with me.

“I don’t feel any different - well I don’t know how I should feel. “ I say, shrugging a little. Abe, being about a couple inches taller than me, punches my shoulder.

“I think you should be excited dude! We’re going to be the top dogs of the school!”

“Well that doesn’t really matter to me.”

“W - what?” Abe stops in his tracks and so do I.

“It’s just a grade. It’s not anything super cool.”

“But it is!” Abe pauses and points at a couple girls from our class last year who were really pretty, “They’ll find interest in us because we won’t be too young anymore!”

“But Abe, they’re just girls. I’m not going to date until i’m at least in high school.”

    Abe stares at me for about 5 seconds until he breaks out into laughter. His body leans over as he restrains himself from laughing by grabbing his own gut. I still can’t figure out what is so funny. I’m only 10 years old and I just don’t have an interest for, “Love” yet.

“What’s so funny?” I ask, waving my arms.

“You.” Abe laughs, finally standing up from hiit gut-filled laughter.

“How am I so ‘funny’?”

“Nothing Landon, just nothing.”

    Later that day, Abe was allowed to stay for dinner, but then go home right after since we had the first day of school tomorrow. Abe and I were in my room playing video games and my mom is in the kitchen cooking dinner. Abe was upside down on the bean bag chair with his control hovering over his face. I was just sitting up straight.

“Dude! I was so close to beating that guy!” Abe whines, dropping the control to his forehead.

“Sorry, I was waiting for you to give me the signal!” I shout back, chucking a pillow at him.

“Landon! It’s okay to give yourself the signal once in s while.”

“Well I just wasn’t sure if you actually wanted me to -” He cut me off by chucking the pillow I threw at him at me.

“Just like you wanted me to signal your feelings for Ellie?”

    I froze for a split two seconds. Abe and I were the only ones who knew that Ellie Anderson had a gigantic crush on me. Ellie is a fellow classmate that is going to be in the same class as Abe and I for fifth grade. She was always showing signs of interest in me, causing Abe to tease me 24/7 about it. Once Abe took it too far and created a mini wedding that the whole class showed up to during recess.

“I don’t like Ellie! How many times do I have to tell you?” I ask, falling down into my beanbag. We were both looking at the ceiling.

“You’re missing out if you don’t want her.” Abe sasses, rolling back onto his stomach.


    My mom’s call from the dining room stopped our argument. Abe and I migrated to the dining room inhaling the smell of fresh mushroom covered pork chops. I watched as Abe licked his lips. Somehow, my lips managed to do the same thing. It’s like everytime I see Abe do something, my brain is wired to do the same.

“Hey boys, it’s just us tonight.” Mom says with a smile. She took a seat across from us at our wooden rectangular table.

“Mommy why is Abe here?” My younger sister Lulu asks.

“So, no Mr. White?” Abe asks, completely ignoring what Lulu said. I look over at him with a piece of pork in my mouth.

“No Abe. There will be no Mr. White today.” Mom replies, shoving a piece into her mouth as well. Her eyes evert towards Lulu, “Because I invited him.”

“So why don’t you ever let me invite my friends to dinner!” She yelps while pouting her bottom lip. I roll my eyes and continue to eat.

“Because you’re only in the fourth grade, you’re not old enough.”

    I hated it when Lulu whined. She whines all the time and it’s so annoying. Abe and I call her Cupcake face because on my ninth birthday, Abe caked her right in the face with my birthday cupcakes. Of course it was funny to us, but not to her. She threw a huge fit and from then on, Abe and I called her cupcake face.

“Not fair.” Lulu whines again, This time instead of arguing with her, we all just continued eating.

“So boys, how was the park today?” Mom asks, making eye contact with us. I thought for a minute. What did we do?

“Oh you know Mrs. White, the usual.” Abe says. I nod in agreement.

“So, swinging?” She chuckles. We just smile and nod.

“Well that’s good.” She says again. Lulu starts to poke her food with her fork. This caught my attention.

“Cupcake Face, eat your food.” I scold. She shoots me an evil look and sticks her tongue out at me. I do the same thing back.

“You guys are funny.” Abe states, clapping his hands sarcastically. Lulu and I stick our tongues out at him this time.

“Aren’t they?” Mom raises her eyebrows and joins in the conversation.

“Okay, very funny -”

    Two bright headlights pull up into our driveway. Lulu runs to the window and shivers. Dad was home. That wasn’t usually good. Dad was a bad man. Daddy was no good. I could see my mom’s face sink while glancing at Abe. That’s right - that was daddy’s chair. Within two minutes or so, dad walks in with his briefcase, and suit. His hair was messy. When his hair is messy, that means he is in a bad mood.

“What the Hell is this Karen?” He shouts, motioning his hand in Abe’s direction. “A Lincoln in my house eating? No. Get him out.”

    I can see the fear in Abe’s eyes as dad started to inch closer to him. He wasn’t going to lay a hand on him - matter of fact, dad didn’t lay a hand on any of us. He swore to mom he would never do such a thing. Ever since then, dad has just been yelling at us more often.

“Darren, come on. You know his situation.” Mom tries, lowering her voice even though it won’t help at all. Abe starts to get up, but I grab his wrists.

    Abe knows about my situation at home very well. My dad is not a big fan of him. The reason he doesn’t like Abe is because his family is very wealthy and takes away other families jobs. Daddy says that Abe’s dad is going to do the same to us.

“I’m sorry -” Abe was cut off.

“Don’t sorry me, now get out!” He shouts, swiping plates off the table. He even swiped a couple onto Lulu’s lap. She started to cry.

“Don’t cry Lulu.” I comfort as I rushed over to her side of the table. Mom gets up and starts to grab dad from grabbing Abe by the ear. Abe screams and Lulu runs to the room.

“I’ll go now!” He cries, trying to run out. I chase after him. No guest should leave like that.

“Here, I’ll go with you!” I try and grab my jacket and shoes but then I was interrupted by a sharp slap.

    We turned around and saw my dad taken a back and leaning against the wall. Mommy just slapped Daddy. Thank god Lulu wasn’t there to see it. I look at Abe, who is looking at them. Tears started to eject from my eyes. Suddenly, dad grabbed a vase and lurched it at mommy’s head. Something he swore to her he would never do.


Hit her.


    She fell over unconscious. Abe screamed and ran out with no shoes or jacket. I was about to do the same but a rough hand grabs my back and held me back in. I fell to the ground and the door slams shut.

“I won’t hurt you.” He says, trying to pet me head. I squirm and scream.

“Darren, you stay away from him!” Mom shouts. My eyes reach hers as she crawls on the ground with a bloody cut on her forehead.

“You leave here Karen.”

“No - I pay for this house more than you do!”

“Really? Want me to do what I did to you to him?” Dad points his big finger at me. I was still crying.

“No - please -”

“Then leave. I don’t love you anymore.”


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