Fairy Tail High School Bad Boys


1. New school

Lucy woke up to the sound of her alarm. "I guess the day is finally here. It is time to get ready for my first day at Fairy Tail High." The blonde got out of bed and got dressed. 

She was running down the sidewalk when she bumped into someone. "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention."

"You got that right." She looked up to find that he voice had come from a pink haired boy about her age. "Next time, pay attention!" And with that, he walked off.

"Jeez. What is his problem? Oh well, better hurry before I'm late." She continued on her way to school. 

She arrived in the classroom just as the bell rang. "Phew, that was a close call." The teacher approached her. "You must be Lucy. Please go sit in front of Natsu." She gestured towards a boy with pink hair. Lucy recognized him immediately as the boy from earlier. Reluctantly, she went and sat down in front of him. 

"Hey Blondie." He whispered behind her. She ignored him, which made him angry. "You better not ignore me or there will be consequences." This really made her mad. She turned around in her seat. "Leave me alone you pervert." She then turned back around to face the front. He smirked. "You are going to pay for that, Blondie." She ignored him again but thought to herself. This is going to be a fun year for me.

*Time Skip To Lunch*

Lucy walked into the lunch and looked around for a place to sit. Someone came up to her. "Hello, my name is Juvia. Would you like to sit with me and my friends?" Lucy nodded. "Yes, thank you." Juvia smiled and led the way to a table where a few other girls sat. "Hey girls. This is Lucy. She is the new student in mine and Erza's class." She gestured towards Lucy. A red-haired girl came up to her. "Hi, I am Erza. Please have a seat." She pointed to a spot in between a light blue haired girl and a white-haired girl. Lucy sat in between them and the light blue haired girl turned towards her. "Hi, my name is Levi. Do you like books?" Lucy nodded. "Yes, I do." Levi nearly jumped out of her seat. "I can already tell that we will be best friends, Lu-chan." Lucy smiled. The white-haired girl turned to face Levi. "You like books a little too much, don't you think?" Levi shook her head. The white-haired girl sighed. "Oh well." She turned to me. "My name is Mirajane, but everyone calls me Mira." Lucy smiled again. "It is nice to meet you." She then turned to the others girls that were sitting across from her. She could recognize Erza and Juvia but she didn't know who the smaller girl with blue hair was. She waved to the blue-haired girl. "Hi." The little girl turned. "Hi, my name is Wendy." Lucy smiled. Erza tapped Lucy's shoulder. "I am sorry to have to say this but we must warn you about the bad boys of this school. THey are Jellal Fernandez." Juvia spoke next. "Gray Fullbuster." Then Levi. "Gajeel Redfox." Next, Wendy. "Romeo Conbolt." Last Mirajane. "And Laxus Dreyar." Erza spoke again. "But the worst of them is..." Lucy interrupted her. "Natsu Dragneel." All of the girls turned to look at her in surprise. "How did you know?" Lucy sighed. "I could just tell by the way he was whispering to me during class." Ezra looked at me wide-eyed. "Did you do anything to him?" Lucy looked at her confused. "No, nothing besides tell him to leave me alone." They all gasped. Mira looked as though she was about to cry. "Oh dear." Then her face went normal again. Mira looked at Erza. "I don't see him doing anything to her anytime soon seen as he has Lisanna right now." Lucy turned to Mira. "Who is Lisanna?" Mira looked at her. "She is my little sister and Natsu's girlfriend." Lucy was taken aback. "Who would want to date him?" Mira sighed. "You'd be surprised. But she seems happy with him and as long as she is happy I don't care what happens as long as she doesn't get pregnant." 

Just then another girl came over to the table. "Hey guys, sorry I am late. I had to stay behind and turn something in." Juvia looked up. "It's ok Yukino. Anyway, meet our new friend Lucy." Juvia gestured towards Lucy. Yukino looked at Lucy and then at Erza. "Did you guys tell her already?" Erza, knowing what she meant, nodded. "Yes, but I am going to leave it to you to tell her about the other two dragons of the group." Yukino nodded and turned to Lucy. "There are two more from the ones that the girls already told you about. Their names are..." Lucy interrupted her. "Rouge Cheney and Sting Eucliffe. I already know. Sting is my older brother and Rogue is his best friend." Again they looked at her in shock. Erza laughed. "I guess you are a little more informed then we thought." All the girls joined in the laughter. Once they had stopped, Erza looked at Lucy. "Well I hope that you enjoy your time here. I am sure that we will all be great friends and will look out for each other in times of need." And with that the school day came to a close once classes ended.



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