Fairy Tail Gender Bend High School


1. Luck Arrives

"Hey did you guys hear about the new guy that's coming today?" Said Natsu as she walked up to the rest of the girls.

"Let me guess another boy?" Said Gray, not happy to hear about the arrival of another "good boy".

"Maybe we can get this one on our side." Said Rouge, trying to stay positive about the situation.

"Yeah right. We are "bad girls", no one is on our side. We just have a bunch of fans." Says the overly cranky Gajeel. 

"Shut up Gajeel. No one likes to listen to your commentary." Sting retorts. 

They all here laughing. They turn to see a group of boys walk into the room. Natsu's older sister, Zeref, and her boyfriend, Mavi, walked in behind him. Natsu walked up to the two. "Hey guys. So who is the new guy?" 

Mavi turns to look at Natsu. "The "good boys" said that his name was Luck."

Natsu makes a face. "That is a weird name. What is he supposed to be  a good luck charm or something?"

Zeref laughed. "I don't know, but you can always ask him during class like you do with every other new person."

Natsu frowned. "Are you making fun of the fact that I can't ask anyone anything other than during class. I am a bad girl same as you, you know how they treat us."

Zeref gave her a look. "I may be a bad girl but I am a bad girl with a boyfriend, unlike you." 

Natsu hated when her sister made this point. She was about to yell at her when someone walked into the classroom. It was a tall blonde dude. The "good boys" walked over to the blonde dude. Natsu watched them for a second then turned back to the other girls. "That must be the new guy." She said pointing to the blonde guy that just walked in.

The other girls turned to look at what Natus had pointed to and then nodded. "It must. He is hanging out with the "good boys"." Pointed out the usually nonchalant Jellal, who for once looked angry. 

Suddenly, Natsu hears her name being said. She looks around and finds the source of the voice. It was Juvel, one of the "good boys". Natsu started to storm across the room, but someone grabbed her scarf, stopping her in her tracks. It was her friend and fellow "bad girl", Laxus. Natsu turned around to look at her. "Laxus, what was that for?!?" 

The spiky headed blonde looked at Natsu. "We are not going to bother them right now. Do you remember what happened last time you did that?" 

Natsu thought for a moment and then nodded. She did not want that to happen again. She thought about what happened that day. 


"Hey, what did you just say about me, Juvel?!?!?" Natsu stormed over to the "good boys". She goes to punch Juvel in the face but gets stopped by someone grabbing her arm. She turns to see that it was Ezra, the scariest of the "good boys". "What do you think that you are doing?!?" He looked down at Natsu with a very stern look. Natsu backed away. "N-nothing, Ezra." Ezra takes Natsu by the arm and slings her across the room to where the other girls are. Gray walks over to were Natsu lies on the floor. She looks down at Natsu. "How did that work out for you?" Gray reached her hand out as if to say here let me help you. Natsu took the hand of her best friend. "I hate that guy so much!" Gray nodded. "He hates you just the same." 

End of Flashback

Laxus let go of Natsu. "There, now leave them alone until lunch time. You can get back at them then."

Natsu nodded and walked back to the other girls. She smirks. "Ok girls, Lets plan our attack for lunch." 

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