The Gay friend

Gender Roles Challenge
Option 1- Write a story with alternative gender characters.

“You’re what!?” His face was so disgusted. He tried to move away from me.

“I’m..” I hesitated. “I’m gay”

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3. March, 2018

It was 10Pm and there was a knock on the door.

Who could it be?? 

My mom is the ONLY person I know that will be coming. So, it HAD to be my mom.The knock kept on getting louder and louder and louder.

Me, as a NOT positive transgender person thought something was up with my mothers.

”Mom..” I called out to the other side. There was a note underneath my door. “Mom I’ll read it.. I won’t open until you say something”

I opened it up and read it in my head.


Dear Lily,

Your mom wasn’t able to meet with you today. She is super busy with her new job. 

Remember your mommy always  loves you! <3


From Dad.


“Dad??” I whisper. There was no more knocking on the door. “Daddy!!?” I yelled.

I look through the peek hole to find nothing there. I opened the door and found nothing but a bag.


A pink bag.

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