First time, real live sex.


6. 6 ec

Chapter 6

   When John and I booked into the hotel who should come to see us but housekeeping. John gave me a prearrange signal and went into the bathroom closing the door.

   I in turn greeted the blue haired boy with a hug and invited him to call on us later that evening. After he had left, John came out the bathroom and we had a good laugh. He also agreed with me the boy would make a good subject photo-wise, especially with that blue hair and cute face.

  Now came the tricky bit. When I had contacted Sammy, he had suggested that instead of staying at the hotel I should come to the flat he shared with others and stay with him in his room.  

   Accompanied by John, I met up with Sammy in the bar around the corner from the hotel. When it came to introducing John to him, don’t ask me why but, without thinking, I told Sammy John was my boyfriend. I instantly knew I had said the wrong thing. Sammy’s face showed surprise, realisation and then he put on a brave face and smiled. I could see the hurt in his eyes. Fuck it I thought and would have said sorry but the damage had already been done.

   Later back in our hotel room John didn’t mince his word. He told me I had done a shitty thing and he didn’t like that I had used him to hurt another person.

   I felt really bad at what I had done and laying on the bed I started to cry.

   Thankfully, John took pity om me and held me for a long time while I sobbed, Eventually I fell asleep still in his arms.

   The following morning John insisted I meet up with Sammy again. Apparently, he had looked in my phone contacts and had talked to Sammy. This time I had to be brave and see Sammy alone.

   It was really awkward. Sammy just stood there saying nothing, waiting for me to speak.

   The tension was killing me and I just blurted out, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you but sometimes my mouth when I’m nervous sort of runs away and I say things I don’t mean.

  “I thought we had something special,” Sammy said in a sad voice.

  “We did. You were my first, but I’m sorry I’m not ready to commit to a permeant relationship with anyone yet,” I replied.

  “Okay I can understand that. Maybe we could be just friends,” Sammy suggested.

  “Sure, I would really like that,” I replied.

  Sammy stepped forward and we hugged and as we parted he kissed me and said, “You’ve got my number.” I just nodded and turned away unable to say anything because I was crying again, knowing I had fucked up big time. 

  As I ran out of the coffee bar John grabbed me and I sobbed away in his arms. I felt a hand rubbing my back and heard Sammy’s voice telling John to look after me.

   Later that morning John to my surprise decided he’d had enough of my moping around feeling sorry for myself. His parting words as he left were to stop acting like a drama queen and get over it, and that he’d see me back home when term ended.


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