First time, real live sex.


10. 10

Chapter 10

   I had arranged with Ann to go out to lunch after the morning run through of that evening’s fashion show. I was sitting quietly watching the girls walk down the catwalk and thinking how much effort went into showing off clothes. I had wrongly thought that the models just did their thing, but, oh no they had to be instructed how to walk by the designer. I also observed wandering around the room was a cute looking young man with a camera taking photos. At one stage he came over and sat down in the chair next to me to take a shot. After which he turned to me and stated, “I like your red hair I think it would go well with one of my outfits.” Apparently, he was a designer and asked if I would try on the outfit in question so he could take a photo and see if the red hair worked.

   Thankfully, I was wearing underpants for a change otherwise it would have been quite embarrassing because I was expected to strip down in front of everyone in the back room. Due to my being quite skinny the outfit fitted me like a glove except for the crutch area where, being well endowed, it felt somewhat tight. This did not stop the designer chap from asking me to walk along the catwalk and telling me what to do all the while taking photos.


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