Just poems I've made. and some that i found on Wattpadd which is another book app.


1. Hidden in a veil

I see laughing faces when I walk down the halls.

I watch their eyes twinkle with a happiness I rarely feel.

Will I ever feel like that at all?

When I feel like things will get better some force proves me wrong.

I hear it laugh in my ear with even a little hope.

It haunts my dreams its words always cutting me down.

I cry in my room, hopelessness wrapping its arms around me.

The weight of the emotional pain is crushing me.

Everyone sees the veil I hide behind.

They never ask what’s really going on inside.

All they see is the fake smile and laugh.

Never the heart that’s turning black.

You say you understand me.

That I’m just being dramatic.

That I’m a baby.

But do you truly know what I feel inside?

Do you know why I cry?

Why I hide behind the pages of a story?

Why I enjoy the quiet?

Do you truly know me?

Do really know why I’m hidden in a veil?

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