prison home

story of twins
tradegy, sacrifice, love and war is at risk in this no good time
clare and sarah have to pull through but freedom buys them out,
War heros need their help: their father is causing trouble and they need someone who knows him best.
one to train as a x-wing pilot one as a jedi, the twins must fight for life in the legendary Rebel Alliance Vs The Empire war.


3. take off

clare pov

we didn't know why he freed us. he wasn't the only one on the ship either. a astromech droid, a wookie and a man from Besquin I believe.the boy was no older than me, and his name was Luke Skywalker.

"why don't we change names here so you can hide proberly,eh?" says the man from Besquin, Lando Calrissian, he said.

"oh shut up Lando, seriously!" yelled the lady, Leia she called herself.

"Mary? no, uh, Mara!" Goldenrod said

"the other one should be jessica!" said Lando.the wookie growled a agreement.

"And Chewy decided with that." Luke said.

"i like it." Sarah/Jessica said.

i now have a new identity.Mara Jade, My sister Jessia Jade, and we needed that change.Luke keeps looking at me, i am getting freaked out.

"well you should know the ways of the force. if you have it that is." luke says.

he ckecks our mediclorian count. Jessica had so little she can't be trained. i had a large amount. i can be trained. Jessica is now a X-wing pilot, i am a jedi in training, i can't wait.

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